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Week of Sept. 28

Week of Sept. 28

I hope everyone enjoyed the break last week! There were lots of tired kids this morning. This is going to be a fun filled week.

Today the students received their reading bag filled with leveled books. This bag needs to be brought to school daily. I will be meeting with strategy groups starting tomorrow. Your child will receive new books as I feel necessary based on the fluency and strategy progression. We have been working on the strategy “Check for Understanding”. As the students read, they need to be thinking if the reading makes sense. If it doesn’t make sense, the students need to go back and reread.

Tomorrow the students will be coming home with a fun homework. Since we are learning about properties of objects in science, the students need to put one object in a brown paper bag and write three clues about it based on properties. For example: It is orange, round and smells like citrus—-it’s an orange!

We have adopted the 7 Habits of Happy Kids as a focus for Snow School this year. This week, we will be discussing Habit one- Be proactive (you are in charge of you) and Habit 2- Begin with the end in mind (I plan ahead and set goals. We have been working on making behavior goals in class and will be charting our spelling tests as a way to keep thinking of the end in mind – if you study, you will do well! We are building leaders daily!

We are again using our PBIS – Positive Behavior Intervention and Support as a way to track our class behavior. This is shown on a card system in the class as you may have seen at Open House- The following cards reflect the child’s behavior progression:
Green- Doing well and focused
Yellow- A warning
Orange- A note home explaining concern with behavior
Red- A child is sent to the office and a call home will follow
I am anticipating students to have mainly green during the month, but we all have “off” days. Starting October 1, you will be able to see how your child behaved in school for that day. IF you have any questions about this support system, please ask!

This week in…
Language Arts, we are focusing on the -id and -ig family in spelling and word work. The students are finishing a personal narrative in writing with a focus on a good beginning. We are working on the strategies of Checking for Understanding and Asking Questions.
Math, we are exploring missing numbers, what’s my rule boxes, greater than and less than and tallies.
Social Studies, we are discussing our futures!
Science, we are exploring properties and senses

Have a great week!

Week of September 21

Week of September 21

This is a quick week, but we will be busy!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) is school spirit day. Students are invited to wear a Snow shirt or our school colors (blue and white).

We have library every Tuesday. Please make sure your child returns his/her library book tomorrow so they are able to check out a new one!

We will not have school this week Wednesday-Friday. Eid Mubarak for the families celebrating!

Some parents have been asking about Field Trips. As soon as the dates are confirmed with the buses, we will let everyone know when and where we are going.

This week in…
Math, we will be focusing on writing numbers properly, missing numbers, one more and less, and ways to make a number and tallies.

Language Arts, we will be focusing on writing narrative stories and reading narrative texts as our mentor texts. We will not have spelling words this week.

Social Studies, we will be making our behavior goals based on the mentor text NO DAVID by David Shannon.

Science, we will be discussing the five senses and do some experiments with them.

Week of Sept. 13

Week of Sept. 13

Thank you for all of the support last week during our first week of school. There are always a lot of adjustments to the class, the schedule of waking up early and getting back into the routine for all of us, but I think the students did a great job right away!

Our specials schedule has changed. Here is the new schedule:
Monday: Enrichment
Tuesday: Music and Library
Wednesday: Gym and Music
Thursday: Media
Friday: Art

Open house is this Thursday from 5:30-7:00.

This week in…
Spelling- our word pattern focuses will be the -an and -ap families. The spelling test will always be on Friday.
ELA- we will be focusing on narrative reading and writing. We will be using the mentor text In My Heart to create a book about each students feelings. I will be giving the reading level testing so we can begin reading bags next week too.
Math- we will be focusing on number writing, comparing numbers, counting to 120, working on a number line, and using data with tallies. Please count with your child from 1-120 daily.
Science, we will concentrate on senses and states of matter. Please look carefully in the homework folder this week for a note about our online math practice games. I will be sending each student’s password so they can play at home as well as in school.
Social Studies, we will be learning about the past, present and future. I can’t wait to see what the student think they will be doing in the future!

It will be a busy and exciting week!