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Week of Feb. 23

Week of Feb. 23

Welcome back!  It is chilly out there!

This week in…

Language Arts, we are beginning personal narrative writing with a focus on beginning, middle and end.  You may have noticed the Star Writer sheets in the hallway.  We are going to be putting published work from the students on the windows under their Star Writer sheets.  This will be a good way to showcase their work.  If anyone is willing to do some typing for us at home, please let me know!  Thanks to Mrs. Kanclerz for scraping our snowmen from the windows.  (Maybe this will bring some warmer weather!)  Our word family for this week is the -ig family.  We have been watching the youtube video the Big Pig song to encourage practicing the -ig words.  We are also working on the suffix -ing this week and discussing action words.  Look for the Reader of the day note that will be coming home tomorrow to help us celebrate reading month!

Math, we are adding pennies and discussing the penny store that correlates with our behavior chart.  we have been practicing subtraction and using the youtube video, “When you subtract with a pirate”.  The students love this one!  We are also working on ways to make 5 and 10 and using manipulatives to help us with this especially when we have missing addends.

Science, we are rocking with Earth materials and rocks!  we will be studying the rocks and exploring earth materials and how they help us.

Social Studies, we are beginning a communities unit with Second grade.  The students will be assigned a place in the community and research it.  This project will last a few weeks.  We are very excited about it.  If you know of anyone who would be willing to speak to the students about their profession, please let us know!

The end of the month is Friday!  Please make sure your child has the behavior calendar in his/her folder to shop at the class penny store on Monday.  For each “green”day, your child will earn one penny to shop with.  remember, the students need to have the calendar in their folders to shop.  we are teaching responsibility too.

If your child has gotten all green for the month of February, he/she will have a lunch party with me next week.  I will send a note to all eligible students.

Have a great week!


Week of Feb. 9

Week of Feb. 9


Just a reminder that tomorrow, Wed. Feb. 11, is a late start.  School will begin at 9:35.  We are on winter break from Feb. 16- Feb. 22.

We will be having a Valentine’s Day party on Friday at 2:30.  Please join us if you can.  The students can bring Valentines to share, but please use the note that was sent home with all of the names of the students so we can practice our reading skills!

If you received the wrong yearbook flyer, don’t panic.  Just cross of the name that was on the flyer and write your child’s name in it!

We have been the non-fiction kings and queens lately!  Our shark week turned into two weeks and the kids were loving it! If you get a chance, please check out our sharks in the hall.  The students did a wonderful job writing their shark facts and creating the sharks!…they are cute for a fish with five rows of teeth.

The week after break, we will begin focusing on communities.  If anyone has a connection to a community worker such as a firefighter, dentist, baker etc. who is willing to talk to the kids about 10-15 minutes about their job, please let me know.  We are looking for a variety of community helpers to present.

This week our spelling words are from the -et family.  The students have been doing well with their tests and I am so proud of them for keeping the uppercase letters out of the spelling words.

Please remember to read daily with your child!  It is essential to their learning and reading growth.

Thank you for all of your support!

Week of Feb. 2

Week of Feb. 2

Brrrr!!!!!!!!!  It is chilly!  I hope everyone enjoyed their snow days.  It was pizza party central in the Serazio household!  I noticed a lot of students without boots today.  We did go outside for lunch recess too.  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.  If you need help financially to ensure your child is prepared for winter, please let me know.  Snow School has a fund available to assist families for cases such as this.

I will not be meeting with leveled book groups this week.  Instead, I will be doing some running records with the students to ensure their proper reading level and observe individual reading behaviors/strategies.

This week, in…

Language Arts, we are focusing on informational writing about SHARKS!  The kids are loving watching the kid- friendly shark videos and learning some shark facts.  We will be creating shark books next week to wrap up all of our shark information.  In spelling, we are focusing on the -an family and the test will be this Fri.

Math, we are focusing on subtraction, word problems and the penny.

Science, we are focusing on describing a rock and where it comes from.

We are still in need of big brown paper bags.

Please ask your child if he/she needs a new pencil box or crayons.  We have a lot of dwindling supplies.  I am buying the class new play dough due to all of the illnesses we have encountered.

Have a wonderful week!  Don’t forget to work on the Valentines!