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Report cards, etc…

Report cards, etc…

Report cards will be sent home today in the folder.  (Even though we normally do not do folders on Fridays!)  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and we can set up a time to meet and discuss your child’s progress.

The first spelling test will be sent home today also.  The test was based on a ten point scale and the sentence was not graded.  This is just to show application of the words.

February lunch menus will also be in the folder tonight!  WOW- it is February already!!!!

Week of Jan. 26

Week of Jan. 26

WOW!  It is the last week of January!  This week we are retesting the students with the NWEA test.  Our block of time for Wed. is right at 8:45 so please make sure your child is on time for school this week Wed.  The students will be tested in LA and Math.  We are also focusing on the District writing prompt this week.  The writing is an opinion piece which the children do very well with!

This Friday will be our first spelling test.  A note was sent to each family this past Monday explaining the procedure for the test.  Even though we send home 6 words with the students, the test will consist of 10 words that follow the pattern of the week.  this week’s pattern is the -at family.

I am in need of some large grocery size brown bags.  ( You know when they ask you at the grocery store if you want paper or plastic?  Well, I need some paper bags please!)  We are going to be creating our house for a large community we will be making over the next couple months!

If someone would like to help cut out math cards, please let me know!  This is a take home activity that can be sent back when it is completed.  I can even send it home in your child’s folder and you can return it that way too!

Please don’t forget to send your child to school with extra clothes.  We do have spills and such during our school day and it is so much easier if your child can just go to their backpack and change their clothes rather than having to go to the office and wait for someone to bring a change of clothes.

If the wind chill is above 20 degrees, we are going outside!  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. Our new science unit consists of Earth and it’s materials so we will be going outside to explore!

Have a wonderful week!



We are busy, busy busy!  Just a reminder, the three 4 X 6 pictures for the timeline need to be in this Friday.   During the month of January, we will be assessing for the report card.  Our focus will be the following…

In math, we are focusing on:

  • word problems
  • addition within 5
  • introduction of subtraction
  • 3 D shapes
  • skip counting within 5, 10
  • math assessment


Science, we are finishing pushes and pulls.

Social studies, we are focusing on:

  • timelines
  • yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • Who am I?

Language Arts,

  • continuing writing for informational texts
  • retelling
  • beginning, middle, end
  • rhyming
  • syllables
  • making connections