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Week of Dec. 15

Week of Dec. 15

Our last week of school in December!

The students Trade 10 project is due tomorrow.  Please make sure your child brings his/her 10 items in a labeled baggie with their name.

This week Friday we will have pajama day!  The students can wear their pj’s to school!  We will be having some hot cocoa in the afternoon and will watch a holiday movie.  Friday is the last day of school for 2014.  We will see you in 2015 on Jan. 5!

We have a bunch of assessments this week in math, science and language arts!

This week in…

Language Arts, we are working on narrative texts with a focus on a character and a picture walk.  We are trying to encourage using spaces between words in writing.  The students are loving retelling of all of the gingerbread man stories.

Math, we are working on addition, tens and ones, and 3 D shapes.

Science, we are focusing on our pushes and pulls packets.

Social Studies, we are focusing on goods and services.


Week of Dec. 8

Week of Dec. 8

Ten more days!!!  The kids are starting to get excited for break…and so am I!

Today we had library.  We check out books every Monday.  If your child forgets to turn in his/her book, we do not have another opportunity to go to the library throughout the week.  PLEASE make sure your child brings the library book back to the library every Monday.  We will not be checking books out next Monday because I do not want the books left at home for two weeks over break.  However, please send your child to school with the library book next Monday so we can turn them in.

Just a reminder that we will be making Gingerbread houses tomorrow morning in the Art room.  We are welcoming anyone who wants to come and help!  If your child brings their shopping envelope and money, he/she will also have the opportunity to do some shopping tomorrow.

Wednesday is a late start day.  School will begin at 9:35.

Friday is hat day.  Students can wear a hat for $1.  All money raised will benefit the PBIS program.

This week in…

Language Arts, we are working on retelling, writing stories with characters, and rhyming words.  We will be working on our Word Analysis tasks and checking for comprehension in our leveled books.

Math, we will be working on addition, tens and ones, decomposing numbers and measurement.

Social Studies, we will begin discussing good and services.  Please continue to work on the Trade 10 project due next Wednesday.  We will not be giving homework next Mon. and Tues. so families can finish the project.

Science, we will be building ramps to discuss pushes.  we will begin our pushes and pulls books also.

You may have noticed a lot of sheets with number grades attached.  Due to the nature of our report card and the Gradebook standards, it is essential to give number grades to a lot of the work we do.  Therefore, you will be seeing more of this coming home from your child’s work.

Thank you to everyone who signed up for this week’s computer club.  I can;t wait to begin.

Have a wonderful week!

Happy gram fundraiser!

Happy gram fundraiser!

Attention Snow School Students, Parents and Staff:

Happy Grams are coming to a classroom near you!  Send a message of friendship, appreciation or fun to your friends, teachers or your child.  They will be sold in the school lobby, December 8th – December 12th from 3:35 to 3:45.  The cost is $1.00 a message.  A special surprise will be included with the message.  Please make sure you know the name and the teacher of the person you are sending it to.  Deliveries will be on Wednesday, December 17th.  Please support our PBIS fundraiser.


PBIS Committee

Computer Club opportunity

Computer Club opportunity
Dear Parents,
The Kindergarten teachers will be hosting a Kindergarten Computer Club on Wed. Dec. 10 from 3:35-4:30. (Please make sure your child is picked up by 4:30 in the Computer Lab.)
During this time, we will go to various websites and enhance our computer skills!  We will offer 22 spots for Kindergarten students for this activity (We will be hosting more Computer Clubs in future months, but we only have 22 spots in the lab!)
If you would like your child to participate, please sign up at the link below on Sign Up Genius.  It might ask you to create an account which is free!  Please make sure your child is picked up by 4:30 in the Computer Lab.

Trade 10 project

Trade 10 project

The Trade 10 Project

One of our goals in Kindergarten Social Studies is to understand the concept of trade and how it can get you some of the things you either need or want.  The kids will be participating in a trading activity and will need your help from home!

We are asking each family to help your child make 10 items of their choice for our trading game.  Items do not have to be complicated, but should be fun and something your child thinks the other kids will want to have.  Items cannot be edible.  You can buy things you may need to complete the projects, but we don’t want anyone to just buy 10 of the same item and bring them to trade.  All 10 items that are made should be similar (not identical but if your child chooses bracelets, then all 10 need to be bracelets not 3 bracelets and 7 necklaces).

We know there’s lots of creativity in our families this year, so this should be a fun family project!  Let’s go Pinterest People!  J

In case you’re having trouble coming up with something, here are some ideas:

  • Bookmarks
  • Loop bracelets
  • Homemade playdoh or slime
  • Necklaces
  • Decorated clip boards
  • Signs for doors or door knobs
  • Pins
  • Duck tape projects (like wallets, decorated pens or pencils, etc.)
  • Picture frames made from foam or craft sticks
  • Magnets
  • Paint crafts from Dollar Tree (like the piggy banks or wooden snakes)


If you need items like construction paper or glue, let us know and we can send home the colors you need.

All items for trade need to be brought to school on Wed. December 17th.  Please put items in a labeled gallon size Ziploc.

Week of Dec. 1

Week of Dec. 1

Happy December!

This week we will have the PBIS party for November!  All of the students made it to the party for this month!  The list of students that received all green for November is listed outside of the library.

Friday is popcorn day.  The order form for popcorn came home today in the folder.  Friday night is family movie night at 6:00.

Congratulations to Farah, Maggie, Cooper, Evelyn, Vinny, Ryan and Saeed for completing their rainbow list of sight words!  I am so proud of them!

This week in…

Math, we will be working on estimation.  We will be having a fun surprise coming home for this skill soon.  We will also be focusing on tens and ones and subtraction.

Language Arts, we will be working with writing groups to help build skills in the areas we need to improve on in writing.  We will use visualization to create an elf.  We will be focusing on the letter Jj.

Social Studies, we will be discussing needs and wants and working in groups to brainstorm things we need and want.

Science, we will be beginning a booklet that focuses on our pushes and pulls unit.

Have a wonderful week!