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Week of Sept. 29

Week of Sept. 29

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend!  The leaves are starting to change and the smells of fall are filling the air!  It seems the temperatures are changing too so please make sure your child is dressed in layers for school since we do go outside everyday.

We will begin our science labs this week!  I am still in need of some science coats for the students (men’s white dress shirts).  Please send some in if you have them.

This week in…

Language Arts, we are focusing on the letter Bb and its sound.  The students have been working on writing personal narratives which we will continue this week.  We have been labeling our pictures and adding details to our settings.  I am very proud of the progress we are making.  I am going to begin sending some reading bags with a few students this week and begin working with small groups in reading.

Math, we are focusing on counting to 100, ten frames, and shape patterns.  We are beginning math workshop this week too!

Science, we will be using the science tools and beginning our science lab!

We have a short week this week since we have off from school this Friday and next Monday.  Happy Eid to the families who are celebrating!  Enjoy the time with family.


Week of September 22

Week of September 22

Thank you to everyone who attended Open House last week.  It was great to meet everyone and explain a bit about our class and curriculum.

I am still in need of some men’s white dress shirts.  (We will use them as lab coats for science!) I have taken a few from my husband’s closet and washed them up so we have a few ready for our class scientists!

This week in…

Writing, we will be focusing on personal narratives in our new journals.  The students will be creating a picture that correlates with sentences they write.  At this point in the year, some students will be using letter string, beginning sound or scribble to represent letters/words.

Daily 5, we have been focusing on building our stamina in the areas of Read to Self and Word Work.  The students are doing well in the strategy of reading the pictures.  I am very proud of them!

Math, we will be creating patterns and practicing our number writing and one to one correspondence.  Please continue to count with your child daily.

Science, we will be practicing using science tools such as the eye dropper, hand lens and measuring tools.  We will be starting our class experiments next week!

It has been a quick month!  Thank you for all of your support during the large class size and the splitting of the students.  It is going to be a great year!