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A few things to think about….

A few things to think about….

We will have a little Thanksgiving presentation on Tuesday November 26 at 3:15 in the Kindergarten wing.  Please join us to see your child perform some turkey songs!

We will be making gingerbread houses on December 10.  The sign up sheets will be outside the Kindergarten windows next week.  We need volunteers to help the children.  My class will be making the houses in the morning.  Please let me know if you can help!

The 100th day of school is February 14.  We will be dressing like we are 100 years old!  I know it seems like a long way away, but I wanted you to be prepared!  So get out the gray hair spray, cardigan sweaters and nightgowns for a fun day of being 100!

Next week, I will be checking rainbow lists.  We will be reviewing the sight words and letters we have focused on so far this year!

If your child has a reading bag day on Wed. or Thurs. next week, please have them bring it on Mon. so we can get new books for the vacation!

Week of 11/19

Week of 11/19

Woo hoo!  Thank you Reyanne, Max, Larissa, Blake and Kole for completing their Book It sheet for the month of October!  They earned a certificate for a personal pizza from Pizza Hut.  Remember to have your child complete the Reading Log sheet and turn it in at the end of the month to earn this fun prize!  Thank you PTA for having this at Snow.

This week in…

Literacy, the students are working on Thanksgiving writing.  They have completed a turkey with the things they are thankful for.   We are working on some poems to act out next Tuesday toward the end of the day for everyone too!  The focus letters this week are Ww and Xx and the sight words are “said” and “for”.

Math, we are focusing on measurement with objects, addition and subtraction, sequencing numbers from 1-20 and probability.

Social Studies, we are talking about families and traditions.  We are writing about our families and completing our family trees.

Science, we will be using force and having car races and measuring how far the cars traveled.

There are conferences on Wed. and Thurs from 4-7.  If you are unable to attend your conference time, please let me or the office know.

Please remember to have your child bring the leveled books on his/her assigned day.

I will not be assigning homework next week.  Just a reminder- we have school on Monday and Tuesday only next week.

Have  a great week!

Week of 11/11

Week of 11/11

Brrr!  The weather is getting colder and I am looking out the window for flakes of snow!  Just a reminder that we do go outside everyday unless the temperature hits the freezing mark!  The only way students are excused from outdoor recess is with a Doctor’s note.

All fundraiser forms and money are due tomorrow.

This Wednesday is a late start.  The students will come to school at 9:35.

This Friday is our 50th day of school.  Thank you to everyone who signed up to donate items for our celebration.  Just a reminder that the students can dress “50’s style” for our fun day.

This Friday will be the last day for  the “Pennies for Pasta” collection boxes.

Parent teacher conferences begin this week.  I have posted the conference times on the Kindergarten windows and your child should also be bringing a reminder note home.  If you are unable to attend the conference at your allotted time, please let me know so we can make a new conference time.

This week in…

Literacy, the students are working on opinion writing.  Did you see our opinion pizza topping writing in the lobby?  (Thank you Mrs. K. for helping us make the pizzas! They were yummy!) Our focus letters this week are Uu and Vv and the sight word is “for”.  Please make sure your child returns the leveled books on the assigned day.

Math, we are focusing on pan balance, dominoes, and 3D shapes.

Social Studies, we are focusing on family and belonging to a group.  We will also begin our Junior Achievement with Mrs. Wiggins.  She will be working with the students and discussing economics for the next 6 weeks!

Science, we will be starting a unit on Forces and Gravity.

Have a great week!


A few things…

A few things…

Tomorrow is a half day.  The students will be dismissed at 11:45.  We will be making pizzas for snack!  Look for some photos to be posted!

Just a reminder that the district purchased the Everyday Math online program for the students.  All of the students in the school have a log in and password.  This program was explained at the Kindergarten math night.   If you need a refresher on how to log in, please let me know.  I have noticed that Blake, Larissa, Xayne and Lorenzo have logged in and tried a few games! Yeah!  we have played a few games in class and the students love it.

Week of 11/4

Week of 11/4

It is November!  Just a few important items for this week.  On Tuesday, the students do not have school due to Election Day (Please vote!).  On Friday, the students have a half day of school and will be dismissed at 11:45.  We will not have computer class on Friday.

On Friday, November 15, we will be celebrating the 50th day of school!  We will be celebrating with 50’s outfits, slicked back hair and ponytails!  I am encouraging the students to dress in 50’s style, but PLEASE do not go out and buy anything, just use what is around your house!  There will be a note coming home Monday about the fun day planned!

This will be our second week of leveled books for some students.  Please make sure to check the day on your child’s reading bag so you know when your child need to bring the bag back to school.  Leveled reading books need to be read nightly with a focus on pointing to the words and using the pictures to help with unknown words that follow the story pattern.

This week in…

Literacy, we will focus on the letters K and L and the sight word will be “is”.  We are continuing to write opinion pieces and will be using Thanksgiving stories to enhance our Social Studies of the past.

Math, we will be focusing on symmetry, counting by 10’s, using tens and ones blocks and shapes.

Social Studies, we will be discussing the past (Thanksgiving) and working on a special play to present at the end of the month.  We will be discussing families and their role in our lives too!

Science, we are discussing plants and their needs from the Earth along with Earth materials.

We are going to have a wonderful week!