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Week of September 30

Week of September 30

Wooo Hooo…we are at the end of September!  It always amazes me how much the students always learn not only academically but also how to be a student during the month of September.  We are now in the routine of school and the students are doing very well!  I am very proud of them.  We will have our first PBIS party this week for the students who had 13 or more green cards this month.   We are focusing on lots of positive behavior in class, but there are times when a student makes a poor choice and will need to flip their card (to yellow, orange, or red).  If your child is getting close to losing their party for the month, I will be sending a note to inform the parents so we can help the child follow a positive behavioral path.  Please come see me if you have any questions about the PBIS school wide system we use at Snow.

This week in…

Language Arts, we are focusing on beginning sounds, stretching words and the period. Our sight word is “the” and our letters of the week are Dd and Ee.  The students have been practicing hunting for letters on the promethean board by going left to right with a return sweep.  This strategy will also be helpful in the students’ writing.  In writing, we are focusing on personal narratives.  I am encouraging students to stretch words by listening for beginning, middle and ending sounds.  At this point in the school year, a student may have a sentence that would be written…I LK A (this might be I like apples)  while some students may write “I like apples” to be I L A.  Every child is at a different level and we will work on building writing confidence and risk taking in writing this month.

Math, we will be working on shapes (how many sides, what shapes can turn into other shapes, using pattern block templates and geoboards to create shapes, 2d/3d shapes) number writing and ten frames.  If anyone has an abacus at their house that they are not using , I would love it for the class!  Or if anyone is going to Ikea in the near future, please let me know – I hear they sell abacuses there too!  We have been doing math stations and the students are enjoying them.  Please keep your eyes peeled for a note this week about a Kindergarten family math night!

Science, we are continuing to discuss the 5 senses.  We will be doing apple experiments this week to explore the sense of taste!  We will also incorporate this into math stations!

Social studies, we will be discussing friendship.  I want the students to feel comfortable within their class and encourage the students to help each other.  We will be discussing what it means to be a friend and how you can help others.

I will be starting an after school Kindergarten computer club on Fridays.  Please look for the note in your child’s folder this week to reserve your child’s spot is he/she is interested.

We will be starting Motor Moms and Dads this week so I will be contacting the parents who showed an interest in helping with this program.

Have a fantastic week!


Week of Sept. 23

Week of Sept. 23

Good Morning!

Brrr…… it is getting chilly!  I have been encouraging the students to wear a sweatshirt/jacket to school because the weather is so unpredictable!  I have also been encouraging them to try to zip their jackets themselves.  I will have them try three times before I will zip it because we are building independence!

The field trip note was incorrect.  The field trip will be on THURSDAY October 10 not the 9th.  A new slip will be sent to sign.

All library books are due back on Tuesdays.  Please do not send them in earlier since it confuses the students…and me too!

Our Motor Moms and Dads short informational meeting will be Wed. at 9:00 in Room 25.

Picture day is this Thursday.  We usually have our picture taken in the morning.

This week in…

Language Arts, we are focusing on the letter Mm and the sight word I.  We have been looking for periods and have begun incorporating them into our writing!  We are focusing on the beginning sounds of words.  We have been introduced to 3 aspects of the Daily 5- Word Work, Work on Writing and Read to Self.  The students are progressing well!  We will be taking the District Writing assessment this week too!

Math, we will be focusing on comparisons- body height, coins and objects.  We have started our Math stations and the students are enjoying rotating around and focusing on math skills.  We have been continuing our  number writing and practicing the corresponding poems!

Science, we will be focusing on the sense of taste!

We are busy, busy, busy!

Have a great week!


Field trip and “Motor moms and dads”

Field trip and “Motor moms and dads”

Please check your child’s folder today!  We have a field trip note coming home!

All notes and money are due Sept. 27.  I will accept the first four chaperones to come on the bus with us if they would like.

We will be starting a program in two weeks known as Motor Moms and Dads program.  This program is a way to help students with their motor skills in order to promote readiness to learn.  The students will be working with parent volunteers during the day on skills such as balance beam, trampoline, catching etc…  The program needs parent volunteers in order to work.  We would need a few parents each week for about one/one and a half hours twice a week during the school day to volunteer.  If you are interested in helping us, please let me know.  We will have a short informational video next week Wed. at 9:00 in room 25 to explain the program to whoever is interested in helping.  Thank you in advance!

I have cleaned the classroom carpets, so I no longer need to borrow a carpet cleaner.  Thank you!

Have a great weekend!



Week of September 16

Week of September 16

Oh no!  The cold and flu season is upon us already!  There are many students (and a teacher too!) coughing and using lots of tissues!  I hope this crazy weather leaves us soon and we can breathe easier!  Please make sure your child is dressing for the weather.  We go outside everyday even in the winter!

Just a reminder…Open House is this Thursday from 5:30-7:00.  Please come and see some of the work your child has completed in a short amount of time.

This week in…

Language Arts, we will become Authors and illustrators!  We will be making a book about the students and attempting to label the pictures.  This is one of the first steps toward writing independence.  We have been working on the strokes of the letters (diagonal lines, straight lines, dashes) to prepare for letter writing.  The students are doing so well in their Daily 5 Word Work and Read to Self.  I am very proud of them!  We are working on beginning sounds and labeling our work using the beginning sound.  I got some letter pretzels from Meijer that I know the students will love to enhance those beginning sounds!

Math, we are focusing on sorting, counting to 20 and beyond, one to one correspondence and number writing.  Today we worked on the number one (Straight line down and then you’re done.  That’s the way to make a one!)  I will be working on some number games with the students and next week they will bring one home to play with you.  We are using a Pete the Cat book for counting to zero.  (We love Pete so much!)

Our favorite website is still  If you get a chance, please let your child try it out!  I know some students have been saying they are playing it at home, so thank you!

Science, we will begin a unit on our 5 senses.    This is always a fun and yummy unit for the students and me too.  We will begin with our sense of sight this week.

Keep warm and cozy.  I hope to see everyone on Thursday!