Great work with presenting the reader’s theatre script on the Declaration of Independence!

tomorrow I will be absent as I am feeling ill. You will watch The Patriot, I have attached a link to the questions which you will answer.

Moe, please assist the sub with finding the movie on the USB drive

Place phones in the pocket organizer before you take a seat

Stay focused

Be on your best and please stack the books and push in your chairs before you leave.

Today and tomorrow’s lesson

review the three landmark English documents and how the influenced our govt and list describe and illustrate the events that led to the Declaration of Independence

¬¬Language Objective:
• I can use the following vocabulary to discuss the events that led to the American Independence (The Revolutionary War)
• The Albany Plan ( Year)
• The Stamp Act (year)
• Tea Act (Boston tea Party)
• Boston Massacre
• First Continental Congress
• Second Continental Congress
• Declaration of Independence
I can use the following sentence stem:
The __________________ led to the colonists declaring independence because


Homework Read Ch 3

Today we took Ch 2 Exam 2
Grades will be posted soon
Students were given two different excerpts to read and had to identify the claims and provide evidence as to why our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Students had to re write the declaration of independence in their own words.
Students answered D.O.K. level 1 questions as well.

Read Ch 3