William Ford and Henry Ford Village: A community connects

When William Ford Elementary Batoul Hossein’s second grade students began their social studies unit on Communities, they never thought they would end their unit with a tour of Dearborn.  Second grade community work involved mapping important landmarks in Dearborn, and then getting on a bus and visiting city landmarks-among them city hall, Henry Ford Village and lunch at Famous Hamburgers.  Their fifth grade “buddies” from Alyse Meier’s classroom joined them at Henry Ford Village with a visit to the group of residents who have been volunteering each week at WF for the past year . The fifth graders decided to reenact scenes from their social studies unit on the American Revolution-they prepare and performed a play in just 3 days. True stories: a resident in the audience stood up and informed students she attended WFES when she was a child-another resident said she did her student teaching at WFES. Residents invited students for lemonade and cookies afterward and spoke with them.  Several approached Principal Higgins with compliments on student friendliness, courtesy and manners-specific comments were how articulate they were.  Outstanding!

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