Henry Ford Family Engineering Night

Too many fun activities to count- hundreds of students PK-12 and their families participated- robots, cars, parachutes, weights, mass, trajectory, rockets….. learning and having fun. STEM students displayed projects, awards and talked with students and parents. Coding instruction provided. Partnerships with Fordson students and UM and other Dearborn teachers. Great leadership by Science Enrichment teacher Kathleen McCormick and the HFES team. 

Dearborn High Schools receive high rating from Bridge magazine

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Three of our high schools have been rated as State Champs for their preparation of students for college readiness/success. Bridge Magazine is recognizing 54 schools across the State. All three of our schools rated in the top percentile across the state in their respective categories. 
Bridge also recognized Fordson last year as one of the top performing schools in the country that are beating the odds. 
Here is the link to the story. http://www.bridgemi.com/talent-education/bridge-magazines-2017-academic-state-champs 
Dearborn High Made the list for the top schools with above average family income. 
http://www.bridgemi.com/talent-education/school-details?BCODE=886 They were rated in the 1st percentile of 179 schools. 

Edsel Ford Rated in the top percentile for schools with below average family incomes when compared to 166 high schools. http://www.bridgemi.com/talent-education/school-details?BCODE=1092 
Fordson Rated in the top percentile for schools with lowest average family incomes as compared to 141 high schools in the state. http://www.bridgemi.com/talent-education/school-details?BCODE=1261
Congratulations to all staff of all high schools