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Ms. Jenks’ Classroom Information

Written By: Yvonne Jenks

March 10th will be the last day of swim.

I hope the snow will be gone until next winter.  We will be trying to get outside as much

as we can.  We will be running on the track daily to make sure our Mile run times improve from the beginning of the year

We will be trying to get to soccer, softball, flag football, and tennis

before the year ends.

***Please make sure that your child has sweats and a sweat shirt to wear outside

if the temperature is a little chilly.



The make up swim will be Friday March 11th, from 3-4pm.  Students will need a ride home.

STUDENTS MUST BE DRESSED AND IN THE POOL BY 3:07.  THE DOORS WILL BE LOCKED AND NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED IN. (This is for safety reasons! We can not check students in and lifeguard the students who were on time and swimming already.  Thanks for being prompt)

Each 20 minutes of swim will count for 1 day missed.

If you only missed one day you swim from 3-3:20, 2 days missed 3-3:40, 3 or more days 3-4pm.

If there is a problem please come see me ASAP so we can try to work something out.


Girls Swim Tryouts: Monday, Nov. 16

7th and 8th Girls Swim Tryouts will be held on Monday, November 16th from 3 to 5pm.

Must be on the pool deck by 3:10pm. Please bring a swim suit, goggles, a towel, and a

swim cap if you have one! Activity buses are available. For any questions see Coach Peltz.


Nov 9th – 20th

The classes will be focusing on team building.

The make up swim will be posted as soon as a date is chosen.  It will be held after school from 3-4 and they will need a ride home.

I attached a flyer about Women in Engineering.  There is a 6$ fee and registration is open until the 13th.


The girls have started their soccer unit.  If the weather cooperates we will be outside doing some skill station work which will lead into games and a tournament.

My class will start swimming Oct.26th – Nov. 6th.  They will need a bathing suit and towel.  Optional items: goggles, swim cap, flip flops.

We have swim caps available for sale for 7$.  They are very nice quality, black with a gold falcon on the sides.


4th Annual Robert Cipriano Memorial Cross Country Meet

This year’s Robert Cipriano Memorial CC Meet will be held on Saturday, October 17th at Ford Field.

We will be testing the girls who are interested in participating in the run. They will be running 2 miles Thursday or Friday this week.  If they make it under 20 minutes they will qualify and a parent slip will be sent home regarding the race.


UNITY RUN:    OCTOBER 11th  Please see attachment under class handouts

PLEASE help us get the word out on the Oct 11th Unity Run at Ford Field.
I’ve attached the entry form with all of the info. We have races for elementary, middle, and high schoolers.  We also have a 5k for the adults (parents/staff, etc). There will be refreshments and a beautiful course for the run.  Most importantly 3 students from each of the 3 high schools will receive $1000 scholarships.


Welcome to Ms. Jenks’ Physical Education class.  It is always nice to see my students again and meet the newcomers.  I have attached the syllabus under class handouts. Please look it over to make sure you understand our rules and what is expected in PE and Swim.  The syllabus needs to  be signed by student and parent/guardian and returned A.S.A.P

The students started to get graded Monday the 15th.  They need to make sure they are prepared for class to take place inside or outside every day.  They will have lockers very soon.  I have been working with Administration to get this completed in a timely manner.

The students will be taking Pre-tests this week and next so we have a base score for them to improve on throughout the year.  The tests consist of…….

1 mile run test

1 minute sit up test

push up test

sit and reach test for flexibility

shuttle run test

3 minute jump rope test



Please try to visit Student Connect on MiStar once a week,  this will help keep up on your daughter’s grade and what we can do to improve it.





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