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#1. Typing – Write about your teacher.

Dance Mat Typing    Copy and paste this:  – typingclub




2.a.   tumblebooks – You can also use your DPL numbers if you have a library card.  Put in howard and 12345 for this.

Raz-Kids  2.b.  

2.c.  GetEpic   ( The password for is QNX8233 )  

Copy and paste this:    QNX8233  – Reading Rocks –   2.d.Reading Eggpress

2.d.   Story Nory Books  

#3.     If you’re using a desktop computer, copy and paste this:  and fill in the form for a picture book.  –


* FORM * #4. Fill this in each week. <iframe

#5. Coding: – Hour of Code: Angry birdsClassic Maze – – ArtistBarbie, You Can Be AnythingBuild Fuzzies – Artist, Little Little Artist – Flappy BirdsFrozen -the –  Minecraft  – Peeps: Nature Walk –   Snoopy – SportsStar Wars

#6. Additional Reading – Munsch1-Mun2-M3-M4 –

Computer Sci. – safety – safety2 – safety3 – safety4safety5safety6safety7safety8safety9safety10safety11 safety12safety13safety14safety15safety16safety 17safety18safety19 – 

Welcome to Mr. Neff’s First Grade Blog

Welcome to Mr. Neff’s first grade blog.
We are working on our computer skills and our reading skills.
Your student will learn a great deal this 2018-2019 school year.

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