First: Raz-Kids & Second: Fun TypingClub or Writing

Fourth & Fifth grades will need to click on this Google Classroom link and type in the code on the screen before the form.

1. Fill in the form. / Internet Safety 2. Do RAZ-KIDs 3.a. Write or type. /Write for NeffFUN TYPING Careful: this is beckerduvall.edclub.comTyping Assignment / Easy Little-Kid Fun-Writing Assignments / Big Kid Writing Assignments /

4. Internet Safe Videos: What is digital citizenship? Bad Netiquette Stinks Oversharing: Think Before You Post.

It’s Okay to Tell. (Only this video! From now on, we’ll use only, like this link. I’ll embed such videos in Google forms. You will need to comment on them before you read a Raz-kids book and write or type, of course. ABCMouse

slides1 / Slides2 / Slides3 / Write / Copy. 5.b. abc & & Grades 2-5 Exit Ticket Sample- Exit Ticket 1 & World book Research

Games-Based This is Always use the links in this blog. Extra stuff: DanceMatTyping) TypeDOJO test – Research1 – Research2Research3 – Research4 Starfall (LEARN to READ only) Storyline / PebbleGo / Tumblebooks / GetEpic use ZWB8296. When you check out a book, do so quickly and quietly-or I pick the book.
  • K level – For Hughes, simply copy this: dhughes87 .) For Ross, simply copy this: dross72 whereever you are.)
  • Just copy the full teacher name. Switch tabs. Pick the GetEpic link. Then, paste in the full teacher name.
  • Grade 1 – For Press (Simply copy this: dpress1 .) For Stupar, simply copy this: dstupari wherever you are.)
  • Grade 2 – For Moon (Simply copy this: dmoon20 .) For ShapasBrettschneider, just copy this: dshapas .
  • Grade 3 – For Moon (Simply copy this: dmoon20 .) For Morrison, simply copy this dmorrison52 .
  • Grade 4 – For Alabakoff (Simply copy this: dalababakoff.) For MoreyRanka, just copy this: cmoreyranka .
  • Grade 5 – For Alabakoff (Simply copy this: dalababakoff) For Courtright, simply copy this: ldpscourt .
  • Copy the teacher code and paste it into the trial A-Z Program.

Remember, uses this for a teacher code: ZWB8296

Little-Kid Fun-Writing Assignments / Big-Kid Fun-Writing Assignments

Use zwb8296, copy & paste it, for getepic before school & at school. (Jot this down: ZWB8296.) Storylineonline


Grade K Put in kdd7rxl for Ross kids. Put in for Hughes kids.

Google CLASSROOM – Meet DigitalsMedia Balance – Other Internet SafetyGoogle Classroom

Make this bookmark:

End of class: Girls who code, Language Arts, Scratch, Social Studies, or Storyboardthat

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