Big Kids use

Job#1 library stuff / Keyboarding

* TYPING or Writing – 1st JOB (Use BigBrownBear, Keyboard Game, POP-UP FUN, 3 Strikes Test–if DanceMat is not loading.)

You need to use

If it’s not working: use Dancematt or SPEEDTEST Typing or FUN speedtests.

Alternative – reading or writing – Learn to Read

** Writing: Write about a time you were tricked, or fooled. Click on make copy. Share it with neffb when you’re done.

Job #2. Click for to write your weekly writing assignment. (The class code is zwb8296 .) It works from 7 to 3pm. Do use it before school.

3. Click here for StorylineOnline.

Try Tumblebooks at

JOB #3 – EXTRA First-Post Stuff

Ginger Bread Man books

All of k-5 stuff. Pick learn&k-5 or use ANGRY BIRDS

IXL – End of class & language arts only. IXL2. Dearborn Schools – Student Portal – Clever & IXL

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