Week of May 18th, 2020

.*Grade 1 Watch,How tech makes you feel? It’s about 2 minutes Then, click on this link: Mr. Neff’s Google form about How tech makes you fell. Be sure to submit the form. If you have extra time, there’s a fun Robert Munsch video also. Simply write what you like about the story.

Grade 2 click on this link for the Pause & Think video about how to be safe, responsible, and respectful while online. Fill in the Pause & Think form to answer a question about this important video. Be sure to submit it when you are done. Mr. Neff’s Google Form about the second grade Pause & think video. Be sure to submit the form.

Grade 3 – Watch the Media Choices video. It’s about two minutes. Fill in this link: Mr. Neff’s Google Form about Media Balance.. Be sure to submit the form. I’d also like youi to watch this quick set of media slides: computer tips. Stay safe, online and at home.

Note to parents: as I’m working to apply the MITECs, the Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students more, please simply go to this blog each week.


2 Comments on “Week of May 18th, 2020

  1. I cant open the google gorm for 1st grade? We watched the video and i dojt have permission to open form. This is for Frankie Hudgins 1st grade Mrs. Grahl duvall.

    • Sorry, I spoke with technology. Next year, I’ll make each form, as I have three schools, at that particular school so the form is on that school server. That should solve the program. No more forms for Frankie until next school year. (Frankie is a really good student!) Mr. Neff

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