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Reading and chess make you smart! –

The get-to-your-public-library contest is over.  Every student in one class got public library cards.  (All but one of them went to the public library on their own time.)  I believe that no other class in the school read more than they did in March.  As I said I would, I shaved my head, in front of the class, in recognition of how much they read during March-is-Reading Month.

Parents, welcome to my library media blog.  If you’re wondering what happens in the media center, read what’s on here.?

In this special, we deal with a variety of information, literacy, and technology skills.  During our ILT-based classes, my goal is to provide instruction through the lens of technology, and to prepare our students to be as literate as possible.  Our curriculum is not only based upon state and national technology standards but also based upon a variety of Common Core State Standards.  Our curriculum includes exposure to quality literature, nonfiction, and other print materials. Instruction will integrate district curriculum with information literacy, technology literacy–and additional literacies.  This curriculum is important to the full elementary scope and sequence, and will help prepare our students for success.  Students will search for information, learn various genres, complete online work, and enjoy award-winning books.  Please subscribe to this blog, a blog that links to additional blogs my students use weekly.

School-Board-Approved Tech Goals

Main Content Objective: I understand how to use a variety of technology tools so I can learn more.

Main Language Objective: I can explain how to use technology for a wide range of programs, applications.

Main Content Objective: I can understand what I read.

Main Language Objective: I can write about what I’ve read–or share details orally.

I understand how to evaluate websites.  /I can explain the reasons a website is a good website.

I comprehend stories and information thoroughly. / I can demonstrate improved English Language Arts skills through writing.

I can demonstrate understanding of a book by writing facts or listing the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.

I can write a draft of a paper that lists facts, story elements–or retells the story/information/opinion in my own words.

I can listen critically to interpret and evaluate a story.  /  I can share my connections, morals, & ideas about a story.

  1. Practice your keyboarding skills by using homerow as you type: typing.com

      2.  Bookflix Tumblebooks   (Use Howard and books for this.) / (Password for this is QNX8233)  GetEpic

Classroom Procedures

Student Work

Fill in this Google form each week .

Climate Project – You’ll have over eight weeks for this.

What is AI?

Robotics Project

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