Week #8. (Starts October 1st, 2018)

Main Content Objective: I understand how to use a variety of technology tools so I can learn more.

Main Language Objective: I can explain how to use technology for a wide range of programs, applications.

Main Content Objective: I can understand what I read.

Main Language Objective: I can write about what I’ve read–or share details orally.

I understand how to evaluate websites.  /I can explain the reasons a website is a good website.

I comprehend stories and information thoroughly. / I can demonstrate improved English Language Arts skills through writing.

I can demonstrate understanding of a book by writing facts or listing the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.

I can write a draft of a paper that lists facts, story elements–or retells the story/information/opinion in my own words.

I can listen critically to interpret and evaluate a story.  /  I can share my connections, morals, & ideas about a story.

  1. Practice your keyboarding skills by using homerow as you type: typing.com

      2.  Bookflix Tumblebooks   (Use Howard and books for this.) / (Password for this is QNX8233)  GetEpic

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