Science Slots


What three reactants are needed for photosynthesis?

a) co2, water, light

b) oxygen, water, light

c) sugar,co2, water

d) sugar, oxygen, light energy


What organelle is responsible for photosynthesis ? 

a) chloroplast **

b) mitochondria

reactant: is a substance that changes in a chemical reaction.




What are products resulting from photosynthesis?

a) sugar/glucose  and oxygen

photosynthesis: the process plants use to produce energy and food from light energy. 


the chemical compound co2 represents

c) carbon dioxide

compound: when two or more elements join together to make something new. 


A solid is a state of matter that has…

a) definite volume and definite shape.



What is melting?

d) a solid becoming a liquid.


5- 19-2016

The opposite of melting is…

c) freezing



Thursday 5-4-2016

Which object has only potential energy?

a) a stretched rubber band

b) a vibrating piece of string

c) a diver hitting the water in a pool

d) a basketball falling through a hoop

Radiant energy: the energy of light.


Monday 5-2

Imagine a child jumping up and down on a trampoline. At what point does the child have the most potential energy?

a. At the top of the jump

b. In the middle of the jump

c. At the bottom of the jump.

d. The potential energy is the same during the entire time

sound: the energy transferred by an object vibrating in the air.



Thursday 4-28

What affects the kinetic energy of a object?

a) mass


c) gravity

d) weight


work: a force applied to an object, and an object moves as a result of the force.


Wednesday 4-27

What type of energy is in a battery?

a) thermal energy

b) chemical energy

c) light energy

d) sound energy

Academic word

Energy: the ability to cause change



Monday 4-25

Which energy is energy of motion?

a) potential

b) kinetic

c) chemical

d) elastic


Academic word:

Law of Energy: energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred.