Oct 08

Quiz 10-9-2018

  • Slot quiz on water cycle
  • Body systems quiz

Study graphic organizer:

Skeletal, muscle, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous

  • Need to know major organs
  • Need to know organ system functions
  • Levels of organization cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism. Put them in order from simple to complex and know their definitions
Oct 05

Body systems Brochure project due Monday

Brochure project requirements.

1.Pick two organ systems

2. Describe each organ systems vital functions 

a) obtain nutrients and provide energy

b) provide defense or protection

c) remove waste,

d) help the body obtain oxygen

3) How do these 2 organ systems work together?

4) What healthy choices support the 2 organ systems, list 3 for each.

5) Fun facts ! 

6) Title page

Here is a rubric

brochure project Rubric (1)

Here are the directions we used in class this week

Categories Required evidence for brochure:

❏     Provides evidence that every level

❏     Looks at the interaction of at least 2 organ systems

Vital Functions

❏     Provides evidence that interactions at the cellular and tissue levels enable the organs to carry out 4 vital functions necessary for life.

❏     obtaining food and providing energy

❏     defense

❏     waste removal

❏     obtaining oxygen

Maintain Cell Health ❏     Supports healthy choices using at least 3 sources of evidence.
Communicate Scientific Information ❏     Accurate use of all vocabulary terms and concepts from word wall in an organized manner.
Brochure Design

❏     Paper folded into three sections. All 3 sections on both sides of the paper are used. One section is used as the front cover.

❏     Labelled diagram of cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and organ systems

❏     Professional (clean lines, color only in the title or drawing)



Oct 03

Homework: 10-3-2018

Finish body system/organ systems graphic organizer.

Here is the link to the graphic organizer:  organ system graphic organizer

Go to: kidshealth.org


Click on: for kids

Click on: how the body works

Click on the picture of the : heart, stomach and brain, muscles, lungs, bones to learn about how each each organ system functions.

Example: digestive system 

Function: provide nutrients and energy for the body

Major organs: esophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, mouth