Apr 25

Alternative energy Project Rubric

You are an automotive engineer and have been given a task to design a car that runs on alternative energy. As you know, our country’s most valuable energy resource, fossil fuels is causing climate change. The mass amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are affecting the global temperatures. Unfortunately, at this time, FORD has not been able to successfully design a car that uses alternative energy. Please design and build a prototype of a car that runs on alternative energy. Please enclose a letter that will also persuade automobiles companies to switch over to alternative energy cars . If we continue to use fossil fuels what will happen to earth’s climate.

Total: 100 points Due Wednesday  May 1

Blueprint of design 15
3d prototype identifies one of the alternative energies: solar, wind, hydroelectricity, biofuel, geothermal 40
Letter is persuasive typed and addresses problem and solution 25
Project reflects students best effort 10
Project is submitted on time 10

Apr 18

Follow up questions for todays lab

Answer them in your ISN

  • What is climate change?
  • Why is climate change happening?
  • Is climate change the same thing as global warming?
  • What is the the greenhouse effect, and how does it affect the climate?
  • What is the difference between weather and climate?
  • What is CO2?
  • Is climate change something new in Earth’s history?
  • Why is climate change a concern today?
  • What are some ways CO2 gets into the atmosphere?
  • What are some ways CO2 is taken out of the atmosphere?
  • What are some places carbon is stored (carbon reservoirs/sinks)?
Apr 12

Symbiosis Brochure due Monday

  • I can analyze symbiotic relations in an ecosystem by closely examining 2 organisms.
  • I can write to explain by creating an informational brochure using the words mutualism, commensalism or parasitism.

Create a brochure

Flap 1 and 3: describe each animal ( limit 5 facts)

  1. Habitat
  2. Diet (type of consumer)
  3. Interesting facts

Flap 2: Symbiotic relationship

What type of symbiotic relationship do they represent?

How do they interact?

Explain their relationship …benefit, harms, unaffected