Engineering Design Process Mini-book Project: due Monday 9/23/2019

Students will create a narrative sequencing the events of the engineering design process. You will write about the steps in the tower design challenge.

Title page : 10 points

ask : 5 points

imagine: 5 points

plan: 5 points

create: 5points

improve 5 points

present 5 points

Vocabulary words properly used 10 points

Sentence starters:

The first step in the engineering design process is to ask. We were asked…

Next, we imagined by…

After that, we planned

We created…

Finally we improved…

We presented our prototype…

Vocabulary: design, prototype, structure, collaborate, model, constraints

Each page must be colorful, neat, and describe the sequence of events.

Homework 9/18/2019

Answer the following questions(in your ISN page 9) using the sentence stems

How did you build your tower (prototype?)

I built my tower (prototype)…

Can you make your first tower better? How

I can make my tower better by

Have you ever worked with a team or built a tower. Please explain your experience.

I remember when….

How did you and you group work together?

My group and I worked well when …

My group and I need to work on ….