The Learning Continues :)

Dear Salina Family,

As we continue our new way of learning, through online classrooms and google hangouts, I want to reassure you we will get through this together. Always remember to stay positive and continue to learn and grow, day by day. Our governor, Gretchen Whitmore, has approved Dearborn Publics School learning plan moving forward. Basically there will be some changes made that will help guide us together.

  1. Google classroom “New assignments” will be posted every Monday. They will be labeled Week of…You may choose to do all your assignments in one day or spread them out through the week. A suggested weekly agenda will be posted as well.
  2. I will post recorded lessons each week
  3. You may continue to contact me anytime Monday-Friday by email, class dojo or google classroom.
  4. Google Hangout will be available Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 P.M. I will email you the link through google classroom . Please remember this is vital time. Maintain a respectful tone with teachers and classmates at ALL times. Be engaged! Participate and take turns so everyone has a chance to speak/share and grow!
  5. Grades do count and will be posted on MISTAR now, on weekly basis.
  6. Assignments are due now on Friday.
  7. Every Friday you will have a type assessment on ILEARN that covers what you have learned that week.

Once again, we are here to support you. Thank you for your continued keeping education a priority in your lives!

Mrs. Hanan Hussein

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