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Weekly Meetings

 Use google hangouts to join classes every week dates and times listed below

  • 1st hour – Monday and Wednesday at 1pm
  • 2nd hour – Wednesday at 4pm
  • 3rd hour – Wednesday at 4:30pm
  • 4th hour – Wednesday at 5pm
  • 6th hour -Tuesday and Thursday at 2:20pm

Online Learning

There will NOT be Google Meetings this week. However I am still here if you have any questions.

Hopefully by this point you have heard Principal Martin and Superintendent Maleyko explain that the rest of the year is going to look differently than the past few weeks have. I wanted to take a minute to explain what’s going to happen in my class.

Grading Policy
Everything we do from here on out WILL BE GRADED. However, your grade will come from a slightly different scale than we’re all used to.

“A” — you’ve done most of the work and are checking in with me every week
“G” — you’ve done enough of the work to get credit for the class and are usually checking in with me
“N” — you haven’t done your work, haven’t checked in with me, and will not get credit for the class

If you get an “N” you will have to take the class again in Summer School or Night School.

This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get an A, and I hope that I am able to give everyone an A for their work. Take this chance to impress colleges and/or future employers! Or just do it to keep yourselves busy while you’re bored out of your minds at home, whatever motivates you to do the work, I’m ok with, as long as you do it.

As far as the work from prior to this week, I am allowed to factor it into your grade as long as it does not hurt your grade. Those of you who have done the work the past few weeks, great!!!! You are on the fast track to getting an A in my class! Those of you that haven’t, don’t panic. You can still get an A but need to be on top of the work for the rest of the year. Doing the work prior to this week can only help your grade and help you to understand what I’m teaching right now better.

What Class Will Look Like
— I will post assignments for the week on Sundays and they will be due on Friday Morning.
— All assignments will be due on Fridays at 10 A.M. If you need an extension, be in touch with me via email or Remind.
— I will continue posting 1 to 2 assignments per week for you to complete.
— We will have video check-ins twice a week on Google Hangouts. The schedule is below. You need to attend those as well to get credit for the week!
— There will be no finals and seniors’ last days will still be May 21.

This is the schedule we will use for Google Hangout check-ins this week:
— 1st Hour: Mondays and Wednesdays 1:00-1:40
— 6th Hour: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:20-3:00

If you have any other questions please ask me via email or remind! Hope all of you are doing well and staying safe! I miss all of you a lot and am looking forward to seeing all of you this week on Google Hangouts!

Ms. Homayed

Welcome to Earth Science and Government Blog

Hello class! I will put assignments and updates on google classroom you can join the classroom with the following code (2wmfcky). Please use this blog to connect to google classroom. Link to the google classroom Please feel free to email me at anytime I am always here to help. Stay safe!

Going forward you will have a daily bellwork just like in class. Notes will be posted in power point, links to videos, and other resources that you may need to understand the material. You can use notes to help answer the questions for the classwork. The work will be posted every week and must be completed and turned in to receive credit. You can send work in an email, write it out take a picture and email it, and or print it fill it in and email it back. All work will be due on Friday you can turn it in any time before or at 11:59pm on Friday. If you have any questions or concerns please email me. I am here to help!

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