Ch. 1 & 2 Quiz

Hey Everyone,

The quiz for chapter 1 & 2 is posted on google classroom! Please take it by tonight @ 11:59pm.

The assignment is also due by tonight..please submit as soon as you finish!

Enjoy the weekend,

Ms. Hojeij

If you need a Chromebook read below!!

We hope this message finds you all in good health. Woodworth Middle School will be handing out chromebooks to students who still need technology on Monday, April 27th from 12-2.  Parent and student ID must be present in order to get a chromebook. We will be handing chromebooks out off of Hubbard Drive facing Greenfield – Door #7.  We are asking everyone to stay in their car and drive up waiting for directions from our volunteers.  We ask everyone to adhere to the strict guidelines of social distancing in order to protect our families and our volunteers.  

The Outsiders Reminder 4/22/20

Hello everyone,

Please make sure you have read chapters 1 and 2 by Thursday.

On Thursday we will have a google hangout to discuss the chapters and to answer your questions about the story so far.

I will send out an email reminder for the hangout and post the link to join in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

Quiz will be Friday (10 questions multiple choice) due by 11:59pm.

Email me if you have any questions!

Take Care,

Ms. Hojeij

The Outsiders Chapters 1 & 2

April 20-24

Assignment has been posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM!


1. Every week you will be assigned 2 chapters to read or listen to (both are attached). Mr. Kelly will be holding a hangout EVERY Monday to read the chapters with you if you would like to join. (THIS IS OPTIONAL).

2. You will be assigned one document to complete ALL work on. It will be multiple pages so keep scrolling down until there are no more questions. The document will include comprehension questions, vocabulary in context and some type of element of fiction activity. This week will be about CHARACTERS.

3. Every Thursday we will have a MANDATORY hangout to discuss the chapters and to answer any questions you might have. (YOU MUST JOIN THIS HANGOUT BECAUSE IT WILL BE A GRADE). I will send out a reminder and will post the link in google classroom.

4. Every FRIDAY I will post a quiz about the 2 chapters read. The quiz will be 10 questions YOU HAVE ALL DAY TO TAKE THE QUIZ and MUST BE TAKEN BY 11:59pm.

5. The assignment is also due on FRIDAY by 11:59.

Don’t wait until the chapters by Thursday so we can have a good discussion on hangout!

If you have questions let me know please! Also, if the audio does not work for you, you can google “The Outsiders Audio” and it will come up.

Have a great week!

Take Care,

Ms. Hojeij

Reminder 4/17

Hey Everyone,

The web-quest is due today by 11:59 pm. Please complete it and submit.

Monday we will begin reading Chapter 1 and 2. I will post the chapters on Google Classroom along with the audio.

I will share more directions on Monday!

Take Care and Enjoy your weekend!!

Google Hangout

Hey Everyone,

Please join GOOGLE HANGOUT today during your class’s scheduled time–check google classroom for the link!

Please complete the WEBQUEST–by FRIDAY @ 11:59. It’s very important to understand what the book will be about before you begin reading next week.

Email me if you have questions

Take Care,

Ms. Hojeij

Friendly Reminder


Please refer to yesterday’s blog post for this week’s assignment for ELA. It is very important that you complete all the work assigned to you. ALL WORK WILL BE GRADED AND WILL COUNT TOWARDS YOUR FINAL GRADE!


1.Pre-Reading activity

2. Web-quest

Both assignments are due by FRIDAY @ 11:59.

Please email me if you have any questions!

Take Care,

Ms. Hojeij

Happy Monday :)

Week of April 13-April 17

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you all enjoyed your spring break and are doing well!!!

For the rest of the time that we are together (virtually), we will be reading the novel “The Outsiders”. This week we will learn some background information about the novel and author. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LOOK AT ALL THE DOCUMENTS THAT I POSTED ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM. THEY CONTAIN DETAILED INFORMATION THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE WE READ!!

There are 2 assignments that must be submitted by FRIDAY (4/17)–

  1. Pre-reading activity (10 points)
  2. Web-quest (25 points)
    You will search for answers using the websites that are provided on the document. If you have a hard time using the websites, you can search for the answer using google. THIS WILL REQUIRE SOME READING!! Don’t wait until the last day!

The other two are resources that you MUST review because they will help you understand the novel better.

SLIDES (The Outsiders Introduction) and SLANG terms.

Next week we will begin reading the book. I will be posting the chapters as well as the audio. We will also have a google hangout session to discuss the chapters (dates to be determined).

Take Care,

Ms. Hojeij 🙂

Quiz 4/2-4/3


The genre and author’s purpose quiz has been posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. You need to take it by Friday @ 11:59pm.

You can only take it once…so make sure when you start it, you finish it!

Email me if you have any questions

Next week is Spring Break so you will not have any work! Enjoy it and stay safe!

Take Care!

Week 3 Reminder


  • 2 assignments in google classroom that are due Wednesday night at 11:59pm. (Genre and Author’s Purpose) Submit both!
  • The quiz on Genre and Author’s Purpose will be posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM on THURSDAY–you will have 2 days to do the quiz–must be done by FRIDAY APRIL 3 @ 11:59pm.
  • If you have not turned in WEEK 2 assingments, you can still submit them to me.

Here is something fun for you to do—Teacher’s baby picture contest! Click on the link to participate!!
deadline for contest is Monday, April 6, 2020!!

If you have any questions, email me!

Take Care!