Argumentative Essay Study Guide

Argumentative Quiz -Study Guide 

Part 1-In argumentative writing, the job of the writer is to convince the readers to agree with his/her claim (position) by using facts (evidence) as support.  

  1. Claim- the writer’s stand, position, or opinion on the topic.
  2. Evidence- Facts to support claim (position).
  3. Reasoning- Explanation of how the evidence (facts) proves the claim to be valid and reasonable (correct).
  4. Proponent- Someone who argues in favor of something; advocate.
  5. Opponent- a person who disagrees with something and speaks against it.
  6. Counter Argument-  evidence that supports an opposing viewpoint

Part 2-Type of Evidence- information from various sources used to support the claim.

  • #1 Personal experience – any actual experience with the topic that you, your family, and friends have had.
  • #2 Confirmed Facts facts that have been found in reliable/credible sources.
  • #3 Statistics – numbers and percentages that are relevant to the topic and come from reliable/credible sources.
  • #4 Research by experts – research that is done by professors, researchers, or doctors who have a deep knowledge of the topic; always found in credible/reliable sources.

Part 3: Label each part of the Essay 


Hook – grab readers attention

Background information-give the reader the prior knowledge they need to understand the essay

Thesis statement-State your claim and add three reasons

  • Claim because reason one, reason two, reason three

Body 1

  • Topic Sentence-Claim for Reason 1
  • Evidence 
  • Add Reasoning to support

Body 2

Topic Sentence-Claim for Reason 2


Add Reasoning to support

Body 3


Topic Sentence-Claim for Reason 3


Add Reasoning to support


Restate thesis

Make a recommendation

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