June 10

Weekly Newsletter

  1. Mrs. Harb’s 3rd Grade

Weekly Newsletter

This is the last week of school! Yay! Congratulations on moving to 4th grade! So proud of each one of you! It’s been an amazing year. 
Wow, I can’t believe this is the last week of school. It’s been an amazing year together. Thank you for all your support this year. I will miss your child very much. It has been a rough couple months but inshallah we will overcome these obstacles. Please take the summer to relax and enjoy with your loved ones. I ask one thing from you to make sure your child reads during the summer. We don’t want summer loss! Also, continue to use study island and other websites under clever. 

Mrs. Harb’s Weekly Newsletter


This week we are focusing on:

ELA- finish read works articles. Scholastic News “Top of Her Game?” Reading passage ” Giraffe’s Neck Issues” and answer questions

Read Aloud with questions – Spaghetti in a Hotdog Bun


Spelling- Week #32 /oo

Math- geometric shapes

Science- Scholastic News and Readworks
Animal Reports are Due by Friday. Directions are on google classroom.

Google Classroom/ Read Works:
Your child is responsible to checking google classroom and Read Works and keeping up with assignments. There are due dates and points for each assignment


Weekly writing- your child can answer the writing prompt in their journal. Make sure to write the date. Only one a day!

Math-continue to go on study island for math. Your child should be practicing the multiplication table daily in their math journal. Parents you can make flash cards to help. We are starting Module 7 this week. 

Science/Social Studies- use study island . All lessons are there.

Readworks- I have assigned reading articles with questions. Many students are not going on and completing them. It is important your child continues to read and answers questions. There are due dates.

Google classroom- great I have everyone on google classroom but many students are not participating. Please have your child complete the work at their pace. I’m trying my best to add art, music, lessons, read alouds. Your child should read the instructions to the lesson I lost daily.



Mrs. Harb’s 3rd Grade Daily Work

Reading-  Everyday your child is expected to go on to www.readworks.org/students and the  login/password is in your child’s planner.  Your child is required to complete at least 2 articles a day.

Books– your child can continue to read daily from their reading bag or other books from home. Your child has questions to use for each book.

Close Reading-  I sent home 5 scholastic news article. Your child is required to complete one a week. Using their close reading strategies. They need to read the article and annotate. Also, answer the questions. They can write a CER (Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning) in their journal.

Spelling-  I sent home spelling weeks 24-27. For the next 4 weeks your child is required to practice one list a week. Using their spelling notebook they need to write them 3 times each, write sentences, and a spelling story.

Grammar- your child has their grammar packet. Every day they need to complete one lesson of grammar.

Math- your child has the new module 7. Each day your child is expected to complete one lesson a day. In addition, your child needs to study and practice the multiplication facts. Your child can use their notebook to practice their facts. Also, they must complete their sprits math book.

M-STEP-  your child has their blue folder filled with packets. They need to work on them daily.

***If you have any questions/concerns message me on class dojo or email. I will respond to you! harbd@dearbornschools.org








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