March 13


Mrs. Harb’s 3rd Grade Daily Work

Reading-  Everyday your child is expected to go on to and the  login/password is in your child’s planner.  Your child is required to complete at least 2 articles a day.

Books– your child can continue to read daily from their reading bag or other books from home. Your child has questions to use for each book.

Close Reading-  I sent home 5 scholastic news article. Your child is required to complete one a week. Using their close reading strategies. They need to read the article and annotate. Also, answer the questions. They can write a CER (Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning) in their journal.

Spelling-  I sent home spelling weeks 24-27. For the next 4 weeks your child is required to practice one list a week. Using their spelling notebook they need to write them 3 times each, write sentences, and a spelling story.

Grammar- your child has their grammar packet. Every day they need to complete one lesson of grammar.

Math- your child has the new module 7. Each day your child is expected to complete one lesson a day. In addition, your child needs to study and practice the multiplication facts. Your child can use their notebook to practice their facts. Also, they must complete their sprits math book.

M-STEP-  your child has their blue folder filled with packets. They need to work on them daily.

***If you have any questions/concerns message me on class dojo or email. I will respond to you!

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