August 29

3rd Grade

Week of April 20th:

Hi Everyone! This week is National Park Week!

  1. Listen to the story read by Mrs. Hansen: The Camping Trip That Changed America by Barb Rosenstock and Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein 
  2. Take a field trip to a National Park.  You must watch 1 of the videos, or you may watch all of them! (These are only 5 of the National Parks, there are 62 in America!)
  3. Fill out the google form so I know you did the assignment.

Here is a short preview of 59 of the 62 National Parks in a little over a minute. Your assignment will be available tomorrow in Google Classroom, but you do not have to work on it until our normal Media day.

Welcome Third Graders!

Week of April 13th Media Assignment:

Hi everyone! This week you will get to listen to my son Luke, a 7th grader, read a story he wrote as an assignment. He had to write a story for a student in elementary school. After you will click the link to Pebble Go, and learn about real hippopotamus! You can also explore other things on Pebble Go! Then I am going to have you fill out a short google form on what you have learned. I have also included a link to online coloring you can do.
1. Listen to Luke’s story
2. Listen to my lesson on how to use Pebble Go
3. Go to link then Pebble Go and learn about hippopotamus
4. Fill out the short google form, and then click turn in, so I know you completed the work. You have until Friday to complete the lesson.
5. Color for fun!

Week of March 3oth Media Assignment:

Hi Everyone! This week’s assignment is 1. Listen to the story One by Kathryn Otoshi for a cool message. 2. Watch the All About Me google slides lesson. 3. Create your all about me slideshow. Please make sure you turn it in when you are finished! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! It is all in the media google classroom!

Link to Clever:

Week of March 23rd Assignment:

Please go to Mrs. Hansen’s Google Classroom for this week’s assignment. Watch the Youtube video instructions, then create your own Space Picture and story. Listen to Moustrornaut Goes to Mars as well!

Go to Clever:


Lesson for the Week of March 15th:

Please Click on the link below to learn about Sloths in the article:Hanging Tough

2. Please read the story, or listen to the story by clicking text to speech.

3. Watch the video: Scroll to the bottom of the page!

4. Assignment: In a notebook (please bring to show me when we return) or in my google classroom, answer the following question after watching the video:






Watch the video “Hanging with Sloths.” What interesting things did you notice about the sloths? What questions do you have about what you saw?