Good morning!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! Here are a few updates on what we are focusing on in the classroom:

Math: In math we have started our time unit. We began with telling time to the nearest minute before break. Now we are working on elapsed time. This is a huge concept in third grade, and one that often is a more challenging topic at the start. Please keep practicing with you child how to tell time, how to tell how much time has gone by between two times, and how to find the start and end times. It is important that students are always drawing number lines to solve these problems! Elapsed time is something that will take a lot of practice, but as we get going the students will get much quicker at it!

Reading: Please make sure students are taking their time filling out their reading logs. The skills that we are asking them to complete are big topics in third grade. These are skills that we have taught towards the beginning of the year, but we will continue to rotate them so students continue practicing them. Students should be using the sentence stems provided, and using evidence from their texts when needed. The students may choose any book or article of their choice for them, as long as it is a good fit for them!

Writing: We are wrapping up our informational unit on animal adaptations. We are writing our conclusion and editing this week! Next week we will be typing our published piece! Typing is a new concept to many students, and is always good practice! Students can always spend some extra free time going online and typing about different writing pieces. They can type on google docs through their student login and send it to me to look over! The more practice with typing they have, the quicker they will become!

Science: We are wrapping up our animal adaptation unit and will be switching to earth science! We will start by discussing slow and fast changes to our Earth! Students will also be getting some Freckle articles on these topics to reinforce what we are learning about in class!

Social Studies: Students have been learning about Michigan this year! We have learned about different ways to explain where we live, and the different landforms that they can find within our state! Next unit we will focus on will be the different state symbols Michigan has!


As always, any questions or concerns please reach out! Enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Hankard