Online Learning Week 6

Hello all. We have only 3 more weeks of school to go. This is another 4 day week. We will begin a new science skill this week called engaging in argument with evidence. It is an important skill that is vital to science and engineering. It will take more than one week to complete this […]

Online learning week 5

Hello everyone. This week we only have 4 days since Friday is a no school day. This week the skill will involving obtaining information from science readings and data. The topic is about volcanoes. There are articles to read as well as interpreting data from charts and graphs. I will only post one video this […]

Week 4 Remote Online Learning

Good morning everyone. Of course, last week’s topic was about asking questions. Being able to ask questions is what drives science. Now once you have asked questions about a problem, how can you go about trying to solve it. This leads to this week’s topic which is computational thinking. This week I will post a […]

Week 3 of Remote Learning

Hello all, and let me start off by saying May the Fourth be with you. The first two weeks of remote online learning focused on heat transfer. We are going to go away from that topic to more general science topics that will enhance the students’ skills in every area of science. The first topic […]

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