Wednesday 9/23/2020 Homework & Asynchronous Assignments


  1. Work on completing Base 10 Adaptive Math Practice in Freckle
Freckle - Incident IQ

2. Make sure you complete Lesson 8 Problem Set. Click on the link for more help.

3. Complete Lesson 8 Homework in Succeed Math Book. Click on the link for more help.


1. In your Writing Journal, please write about ONE of the following:

A. Everyone has a favorite time of the year. Think about the time of year
that you like best!! Write to explain to your reader why this time of the
year is your favorite.


B. Animals sometimes surprise us by doing something smart. Think
about a time an animal did something smart. Now write a story about
the time an animal did something smart.


C. Everyone has had a day he or she will never forget. Think about a
special day. Now write a story about what happened on your special

2. Go to IXL LEVEL D and complete the following assignment.

Tuesday 9/22/2020 Homework/Asynchronous Assignments

1. Read one book in EPIC!2. Log into 
Language Arts:LEVEL D:



1. Complete Lesson 7 Problem Sets that we started in Eureka Math Learn Book.  Click on the link for help completing the problem sets.

2. Complete Lesson 7 Homework in Succeed Book..Click on the following link for help with your homework.

2. Log on to Zearn and complete a lesson

Tuesday 9/22/2020

Assignments will be emailed to your Student Gmail Account

Monday 9/21/2020

Finish Completing Lesson 6 Problem Set in Eureka Math Learn Book


Read one book in Epic!

IXL: Level E: BB. Opinion Writing …Task 3: Complete the opinion passage with a reason

Enrichment (Ms. Alsaad)


Friday 9/18/2020

Estate Planning | Marketing Financial

Thursday 9/17/2020

Estate Planning | Marketing Financial

Wednesday’s 9/16/2020 Classwork/Homework

Tuesday’s 9/15/2020 Classwork/Homework

Estate Planning | Marketing Financial

Monday’s 9/14/2020 Classwork/Homework

Estate Planning | Marketing Financial

Back to School Message

8 Ways to Make Students Feel Welcome on First Day of School - NEA ...

First Day of School:

Monday 8/31/2020

Hello Students & Families:

Welcome to 4th Grade!!  My name is Ms. Nancy Haddad and I am super excited to be your 4th grade Virtual Learning Program teacher! I cannot wait to meet everyone on Monday 8/31/2020 at 9:00am. We will use zoom to meet online!  I emailed the link to the zoom meeting to your child’s district email address. Have a blessed and safe day!


Ms. Haddad

Virtual Learning Program Welcome Letter to Parents

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