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Homework and Happenings 11-01-17

Class News: 











Trunk or Treat

Pumpkin Patch

Field Trip

Greenfield Village:

IMAX and Museum

 1/2 Day

Dismissal at 11:45


  • My email is habhabn@dearbornschools.org
  • We are up to 20 minutes for Read to Self in Daily 5 and 20 minutes in Work on Writing. We are practicing Read to Someone everyday and we added Listen to Reading too.
  • Please bring a refillable water bottle everyday to school.



Ms. Habhab’s 40 Book Challenge

  • All 5th graders in Ms. Habhab’s class will be expected to read at least 40 books this year during independent reading at home.
  • You will be reading 40 (or more) books this year (beginning 9/7/17) and keeping track of the titles and genres on your Reading List sheet.
  • You will be reading from a variety of genres in order to explore books you might not ordinarily read, and to develop an understanding of literary elements, text features, and text structures.
  • Books that have been read (or will be read) in class cannot count, even if the student re-reads the book.
  • Students may ask the teacher, librarian, classmates, or their families for recommendations, but there are no specific title requirements
  • Any book with more than 200 pages will count as 2 books.
  • All books are selected by the student.
  • Select good fit books at your reading level. Use your DRA book graph as your guide and NWEA reading RIT score.
  • Use your Reading notebook to respond to your reading.
  • Each quarter you will be asked to present a “book talk” in front of the class for a grade.
  • Each week I will ask you about what you are reading, which books you have added to your list, which books you abandoned, and which ones you plan to read next.
  • Every Friday, you will turn in a completed Reading List.
  1. You must read for 30 minutes independently outside of class. Read for 15 minutes and list the books read in your reading list. Reading list is due on Friday. Also, read for 15 minutes on MyOn everyday. I will be checking your minutes weekly.
  2.  Spelling-Do one of the activities from the 30 ways to practice your spelling with your new spelling words.
  3. Math-Do 15 minutes on Khan Academy using your new RIT score and practice on iLearn for the math-a-thon. Work on finding the landmarks on your math worksheet.

Spelling List:

  1. interpret
  2. temperature
  3. warrior
  4. separate
  5. factoring
  6. terribly
  7. journey
  8. volunteer
  9. preparation
  10. purpose
  11. divisor
  12. dividend
  13. distance
  14. settlers
  15. quotient
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