Homework and Happenings 10-12-17

Class News: 

  • Tomorrow is a half day. Dismissal is at 11:45.
  • Study for your spelling test and math test. Both tests are tomorrow.
  • I will be having a Parent Meeting on Tuesday, October 24th in room 200 at 9 a.m.. I hope you all can come.
  • My email is habhabn@dearbornschools.org
  • Please join the PTA. We would like all parents to join. Membership is only $10.
  • We are going on a field trip on Wednesday, October 25th to Greenfield Village. Have your parents sign it and bring it back on Monday.
  • Please fill out the Chaperone/Volunteer form if you would like to join us on the field trip and send it back with your child with a photocopy of your driver’s license too.
  • We are all done NWEA testing. Some test scores were given to students to refer to and a copy will be sent home soon.
  • We are up to 20 minutes for Read to Self in Daily 5 and 20 minutes in Work on Writing. We are practicing Read to Someone everyday and we added Listen to Reading too.
  • You will be getting a graph letting you know what level your child is reading at and where they need to be at the end of the year.
  • Please bring a refillable water bottle everyday to school.


  1. Read for 15 minutes and list the books read in your reading list. Reading list is due on Friday. Also, read for 15 minutes on MyOn everyday. I will be checking your minutes weekly.
  2. Spelling-Do one of the activities from the 30 ways to practice your spelling with your new spelling words.
  3. Math-Do 15 minutes on Khan Academy using your new RIT score.

Spelling List:

  • punish
  • human
  • until
  • valuable
  • disrupt
  • dispute
  • disgusting
  • education
  • excuse
  • dispute
  • mayor
  • president
  • governor
  • local
  • federal


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