Anti Racism Resources

A project by the Augusta Baker Chair

This project emerged out of the pain and frustration associated with the back-to-back deaths of #GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor and #AhmaudArbery in 2020.

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We must do better as a global society! #BlackLivesMatter

This list is not a panacea. This compilation of resources is JUST A STARTING POINT to encourage people to do their own work and have their own hard conversations.

Teaching for Black Lives

By Elyse Eidman-Aadahl

Structural and systemic racism, white supremacy: these are heavy, thick, ubiquitous, like the tule fog we have out here in California. Driving through tule fog is hard and demands persistent attention to keep moving forward. But sitting still on the roadway still is no option either.

If we are on a journey through that fog, we have help. Scholars, teachers, and activists working in together through networks such as #BlackLivesMatter and #educolor, have been working to create resources and update reading lists for educators to use both in their teaching, and perhaps more significantly, in our own journey toward anti-racism. Given that the majority of public school educators are white women, many of these resources are tailored toward that audience: a generous gift. We don’t need to wait for a workshop or call on our colleagues of color to facilitate our journey. We can just get started…

Here is a small selection of resources, many of which are themselves collections that are frequently updated and expanded. There’s always something new, and if you have recommended additions, please share them …