But What If They Copy Their Mentor Texts?

By Shawna Coppola

As writing teachers, most of us are familiar with the practice of using mentor texts as a way to inspire students to write and, simultaneously, to lift the level of the writing students do.

Writing Help: But, What If They Copy Their Mentor Texts?

The number of professional texts devoted to using mentors to teach writing (or more accurately, to teach writers) are plentiful and reflect the experience and expertise of such esteemed educators as Katie Wood Ray, Lynne Dorfman, Rose Cappelli, and Ralph Fletcher. As someone who, herself, has witnessed the power of using mentor texts to inspire and engage writers of all ages, I often present workshops to colleagues that offer the best thinking in relation to this work, carefully curated and sprinkled throughout with my own tips and tricks that I’ve discovered throughout my teaching career.


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