Talking to the Text


Talking to the Text is a problem-solving routine.







Talking to the Text (TttT) is a Reading Apprenticeship® (RA) routine that helps the reader learn how to figure out the meaning of text based on his or her schema, paying attention to the text, and by focusing on his or her metacognitive processes as the reader reads on to make meaning of the text.

This is a scaffold to allow students to work with the text independently before sharing in the group, which really helps the readers who benefit from multiple readings of text and provides more time for reflection. Unlike the Think Aloud, which does not require writing, the TttT uses written comments to showcase the student’s thinking and metacognitive thoughts.

How does a student learn how to TttT?

A reader will write in the margins, make notes, underline and circle words, ask questions, and make comments and predictions. The reader notes what he knows, what is thinking about, what connections he sees or does not see, what his predictions might be, etc.