I will mainly be using ClassDojo to communicate and update parents. If you are not on it, please do so.


Good Afternoon,

Please talk to your child about the importance of good behavior at school. Following directions, not talking when the teacher is talking, keeping hands to ourselves, staying on task, and being respectful, are issues that we need to improve upon.

Please make sure your child is bringing home their book bags every night. It’s very important that they practice reading at home. Everyone is progressing.

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

I would like to formally welcome your child to my second grade class. I am excited for the new school year as I am hopeful for a successful year.  The following contains information pertaining to our classroom procedures and policies. I hope you find it useful.

Instructional Focus– The instructional focus this year will be driven by the Common Core and State Standards. Students will be actively participating in setting their own personal learning goals for the year. Dearborn Public Schools requires that all students complete learning goals throughout the school year. Students will fill out one personal and one academic goal with guidance from the teacher. This goal is the student’s responsibility to meet with the help and support of both the teacher and parents.

Student Expectations- It is essential students arrive promptly every day. Students are expected to be prepared for class with all their necessary materials. All students must put forth their best effort daily in order to meet all expectations.

Homework – Students will regularly receive homework.  The students are assigned to read for 20 minutes each night from their reading bag, library books, home book collections, and/or, book flex, or tumblebooks. In addition, students will have to practice their spelling words daily and will have a spelling test every Friday.  Spelling words will be in their homework folders every Monday, and will be posted on my blog weekly. Math homework will come home approximately 2-3 days a week. All homework is to be returned the next day.  Please encourage your child to be responsible about doing his/her homework.  It teaches responsibility and independence.

 Homework Folder – All of the students should have a McDonald School Homework Folder.  It is the student’s responsibility to bring this to class daily, since they will be turning in work, and collecting new assignments in this folder. Here you will find any unfinished class work, math homework, teacher notes, star behavior charts, and handouts. This is a silver folder and is similar to one that they have used in the past.

Supplies– McDonald school provides supplies for your child to use throughout the school year. Hopefully our classroom gets enough supplies to last throughout the year. Below are some items that would be used to benefit the entire classroom. Any donations throughout the year would be greatly appreciated.

  • dry erase markers
  • facial tissues (Kleenex)
  • disinfecting wipes
  • ziplock bags
  • glue sticks
  • pencils
  • healthy snacks. There are 26 children (eg. Pretzels, animal crackers, veggies, fruit, goldfish crackers, etc.)

Birthdays/Snacks – You’re welcome to bring in a treat to celebrate your child’s birthday.   Also, provide the necessary paper products as well.  If you decide to bring drinks, drink boxes work best!  PLEASE no sheet cakes or cupcakes!  No candy or pop. Mrs. Modica’s procedure is that you drop treats off in the morning in the office. Students are encouraged to bring their own snack everyday. I will let you know when the snack grant starts. For the sake of possible food allergies students are not allowed to share snacks. Healthy snacks are permitted and suggested. If you’d like to donate for the entire class, that is always appreciated.

Questions and Concerns- Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child.  Please subscribe to my blog for any news and updates. You can contact me via email or send a note in your child’s homework folder.  Please do not wait until a scheduled conference to contact me regarding concerns.


I am looking forward to a fabulous school year!