Space is Essential

A week after sowing our seeds, we read The Science Behind Plants and students learned that plants need five essential things in order to live and grow: water, minerals, sunlight, air and space.  We examined our greenhouse to make sure that our seedlings (which will soon be young plants) were getting these five essential things.  

We learned that our greenhouse:

  • Had two openings at the top to allow for air flow, so our plants were getting the carbon dioxide they needed

  • The soil was moist so our seedlings were getting the water they needed 

  • The seed starter contained some minerals that would normally exist in soil

  • The light fixture provided the seedlings the light they needed to make sugar  

  • Several pots contained 3 or 4 seedlings indicating that young plants will not have the space they needed in order to grow effectively.  As a results, we needed to select only one seedling that would stay and occupy the entire pot.  The rest needed to be removed —a process called thinning.