Growing Peas

Too early to garden outdoors? Not if you are growing peas! Peas are a cool season crop that are sown in the ground 4-6 weeks before the last spring frost.  You want to get them in the ground while the soil is still cool.  No need to worry, they can tolerate a bit of frost.  They do however have a very limited growing season, so to get the most out of your harvest you want to start right away. 

Planting Our Peas

  • We started by soaking our seeds for a few hours.  It’s best to soak seeds overnight–this helps seeds with the germination process.

  • Before planting pea seeds, we made sure our soil had been turned over and properly worked. 

  • Pea plants climb and their vines cling on anything they can grab. We will be building trellises using pole stakes (prepared for us by Edsel Ford High’s Wood Tech students) and garden twine to support them as they grow. 

  • We planted our seeds 1 inch deep and 3 inches apart.

  • It’s a good idea to add a little mulch or wood ash to the soil to loosen it up and give the roots a little bit of wiggle room.  We covered our seeds (loosely) with soil and then watered.  We will continue to water every couple days. 

While our peas are thriving outside in the cold, our seedlings (summer crop) are warm and cozy in their indoor mini-greenhouse waiting to be transplanted mid May. 

Note: more cool season crop (radish, lettuce, kale, onion) seeds will be going in the ground Mid April.  Stay tuned!!


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