Starting Seeds Indoors

If you are thinking about gardening this year and want to start your seeds indoors, the last couple of weeks in March would be a good time to start for Michiganders.  For most plants, that would be  6-8 weeks before the average last frost–mid May for our Salina students (zone 6).

If you are not in zone 6, you can click here to see your average last frost date.

Peppers and Eggplant need a little bit of extra time, so we decided to sow our seeds last week.  However it is not too late to start.  

Sowing tomato, eggplant, okra and bell pepper seeds. We will be planting other fruits and vegetables (radish, lettuce, peas and beans) in our garden but through direct sowing in April and May

We sowed our seeds in small seed starter pots that have drainage holes (very important in order for excess water to drain away) using organic seed starter potting mix.   

After filling each container with seed starter potting mix, we placed 3-4 seeds in each pot.  Although we only want 1 plant per pot, we added additional seeds to ensure germination takes place.  

Since we don’t have a greenhouse and since placing our seedlings next to a window will not ensure that they get the light they need, we purchased a mini indoor greenhouse.  Once the seeds were sowed (1/4 to an inch deep depending on the seed–refer to the seed packet), the small starter pots were placed in our greenhouse and watered.  Lighting will be used once the seedlings emerge.


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