September 12


Those interested in the UP Michigan trip…I have now sold half the student seats.  Please see the STEM Blog for information to sign up.

6th Grade

JOURNAL:  First Impression:  Explain your first impressions of STEM Middle School so far.

WOW!  We did lots today in class!  Students were introduced to journal topics and procedures.  They will get a topic at the beginning of each class and will need to write quietly on the topic for five minutes and fill half a page.  I will collect all journals from the week on Fridays.  If students are absent, they need to check here on the blog for the topic that they missed.

Today we also started to gather information to answer our first essential question:  What does an author do to write a clear and convincing argument for a public audience?  Students worked with their group to read an essay and highlight the author’s arguments – we will discuss this as a full class tomorrow.

HOMEWORK:  NWEA Reading test tomorrow.

8th Grade

NO journal today.  Students took their district writing assessment and submitted their article notes through Google Classroom.

HOMEWORK:  NWEA Reading test tomorrow.  First book project is due next Friday!

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