Week of April 22-26

Hello families, Hope everyone is enjoying this spring like weather. We have many things happening in our class as the time crunch has begun.

Math: We have completed the Mid Module Assessment for Unit 4. Students did very well and tests will be coming home soon. We are continuing to work on addition of numbers with tens and ones.

Science: Students will be working on a unit about plants. Students will be researching what plants need to survive, parts of a plant and what plants do we eat. They will be working on a flip book during writing for science.

Social Studies: Students will be working on identifying and describing the past, present and future.

Writing: Students will be working on an All About Plants flip book.

Reading: Students are working on Informational Text. Students are working on answering questions by highlighting in the text. Students are also working on identifying text features while reading as well.

Spelling: Long o ending in ow

  1. grow
  2. bow
  3. tow
  4. glow
  5. snow
  6. found
  7. before
  8. or
  9. wash
  10. would

Class Popcorn Sale on Friday!! Please send in those quarters. Thank you to the parent volunteers that signed up to help. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Week of March 25-March 29

Hello families, Spring is officially here and we are hoping it stays around for a while. We have many things happening in the classroom as Card Marking 3 ends Friday.


Reading logs due Wednesday. 

Literacy Night: Wednesday from 6-7pm

Permission slips due April 8 to the Detroit Zoo. 

Spring Break April 1-5, Students will return April 8. 

Math: Students are working on identifying 10 less and 10 more of a two digit number. We are also working on counting by 10s and 1s using both longs and cubes, as well as dimes and pennies.

Social Studies: Students are working on understanding the difference between physical characteristics and human characteristics of places on maps.

Writing: Students are working on a creative informational writing. Students have designed their own new bug. We are now working on brainstorming the abilities and powers of each new bug. Students are having a blast at being creative.

Reading: Students have been working on identifying the plot of a narrative text. Students are also working on identifying feelings of characters and how they change throughout the story.

Spelling words: “ay” vowel pair.

  1. tray
  2. today
  3. gray
  4. day
  5. away
  6. best
  7. green
  8. your
  9. very
  10. sleep

Have a great rest of the week!

Week of March 18-March 22

Hello families, Spring is almost here!! I know that I am ready for the warm up. We have lots of fun happening this week in the classroom. Please see below for some special reminders.

March 19- Spring pictures

March 21- Field Trip to Ann Arbor Hands on Museum. 10:00 AM-2:30 PM. 

March 22- Mismatch Day


Math: Students have begun Module 4. Students will be working on identifying the place value of numbers using ones and tens. Students will also be working on grouping numbers in tens and then adding the ones.

Science: Students will continue to work on the patterns of the sun, moon and Earth. We will be using the topic of seasons for writing as well.

Writing: Students will begin to gather information through research about a season of their choice. Students will be using a tree map to organize the information.

Reading: Students will be working on answering questions and identify the sequence of events in a narrative story.

Social Studies: Students will continue to look at maps and the position of objects. Students will work on using key words such as left, right, above and under.

Spelling: Students will be working on words with a long “o” sound, ending in a magic “e”.

  1. hose
  2. spoke
  3. note
  4. bone
  5. broke
  6. then
  7. walk
  8. were
  9. when
  10. some


Enjoy the rest of the week!

Week of March 11-March 15

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of spring like weather! Fingers Crossed!! We definitely have a productive week ahead of us as we adjust to our new friends and class size. We will continue to work just as hard and help our new friends dive right into our classroom.

Please visit the link below if you are available to guest read this week. We have many spots available.



Math: Students will wrapping up Module 3 on measurement this week. We will begin to work on Module 4 mid-week. We have began to use Khan Academy in the classroom to better prep students for the NWEA test in the spring.

Writing: Students are publishing their best candy writing. We will continue to work on Opinion writing for the remainder of the week.

Reading: Students will continue to listen to the Chocolate Touch for March is reading month. Students will answer comprehension questions and make connections through out the reading.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the location of places. Students will be working on relative location of things around the classroom.

Science: Students will continue to understand the Moon and its position in the solar system. Students will understand the role the Moon, Earth and Sun play together.


Reminders for the week:

Late Start: March 13

Book Bingo: March 14

Book Order Due: March 15.


Have a great week!

March 4-8

Hello families! March has already approached and spring is around the corner.( At least we hope so.) For Literacy Night each class will be putting together a basket to raffle off. Our theme for March is Reading month is Dr. Seuss. If you are able to donate items to our basket that would be great. Some ideas of items would be books, crayons, coloring books, stickers, construction paper and anything Dr. Seuss related. We would like all items to be sent in by Monday March 11. Thank you in advance.

Lots of fun is happening this month in our classroom and at Nowlin. Here are some important dates to out into your calendar.

March 14- Book Bingo from 6-7pm

March 19-Spring Pictures

March 21- Field Trip to the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum

March 27- Literacy Night 6-7 pm


Here is what happening in our classroom.

Math: Students will continue to work on using different tools to measure different objects, to grasp the understanding and importance of using a standard unit.

Social Studies: Students are working on understanding maps from birds eye view and also what information maps and globes provide us.

Science: Students will be working on understanding the moon and its phases.

Writing: Students will be working on an opinion writing this week. We will be writing about if we believe candy is a healthy or not healthy snack.

Reading: Students will be working on identifying narrative story elements and also doing a character study about John Midas, the main character from the book The Chocolate Touch.


  1. mice
  2. mine
  3. drive
  4. slice
  5. five
  6. again
  7. could
  8. let
  9. open
  10. stop


Week of February 4-8

Hope everyone enjoyed the quick warm up! We are definitely hard at work in the classroom making up for all we have missed. We have many special things happening in the next couple weeks. So mark your Calendar for some special dates and times.

Feb 4-Feb 8- Dino-mite Book Fair is happening. Students did visit today and will be taking home their wish list. Book fair is also open after school and during Book Bingo. You may send in money with your child anytime during the week and they will be sent down to shop.

February 6- Late Start. School will begin at 9:35. 

February 7- Book Bingo in the Cafeteria from 6-7. $2.00 to play four games. Each student leaves with a new book. 

February 11- Science Palooza is coming to our school from 6:00-8:00. Come out and have some fun. More information will be coming home today. 

We will be celebrating our 100th day of school on February 12th, in hopes that we do not miss anymore days of school before. More information will be coming home by the end of the week.


Math: Students are wrapping up Module 2 the beginning of this week. We will then begin to look at Module 3.

Social Studies: Students are wrapping up our economy unit this week. We will be focusing on Scarcity and how to make choices. Students will take the test on Friday.

Writing: Students are working on their informational piece about either the moon, earth or sun. This week students will be focusing on organizing their facts into categories.

Reading: Students are working on answering questions and finding details within an informational text. Some students have been  rearranged into new reading groups. Therefore, I have collected books from their bags and we are starting new.

Science: Students will be focusing on the Earth this week. We will be learning about the causes and reasons for seasons and day and night.

Spelling: “wh” blend

  1. when
  2. white
  3. wheat
  4. why
  5. while
  6. was
  7. after
  8. by
  9. fly
  10. from

Hope you all have a great week!!



Stay Warm and Safe!!

Hello families,


I apologize for the lack of posting as the past two weeks have been definitely a Winter Freeze. We have been wrapping things up in the classroom as card marking two has ended. We have also been starting new units in learning and will continue to work on them when we are in class.

We again will not be having spelling words this week, as we can see the Polar Vortex is upon us and are anticipating being out of class a few days this week.

See below to see what we are working on in the classroom.

Math: Continue to work on adding and subtracting numbers within in the teen numbers. Students are also beginning to recognize that teen numbers have a group of ten. We are hoping the wrap up Module 2 and have a test next week.

Science: Students will begin to take a look at the Earth. We will begin to collect questions and research the Earth. Students will identify why the Earth has day and night, as well as seasons.

Social Studies: Students will continue to work on the Economy unit for the school year. We will continue to work on identifying consumers, producers, goods and services.

Writing: Students have began to research either the sun, moon or earth. Students are using epic books to gather information on a tree map about their topic.

Reading: Students are wrapping up putting events in sequence within a story. We will then be moving into Informational Reading standards.


I hope everyone has a warm and cozy rest of the week! Stay safe. 🙂

Welcome Back!! Week of January 14-18

Hello families!! Welcome Back!! I apologize for not posting last week, Mrs. A was under the weather and fighting off little germs. We are back and finishing up card marking 2. The card marking ends on Friday January 18. Then we only have two card markings left in first grade!! So crazy. Please read below to see what’s happening this week in the classroom.


Reading: Students will be taking the reading NWEA test this week. Some students have already completed the test today and did a fantastic job. Certificates of achievement and growth will be coming home. They all did so well.

Writing: Students are wrapping up their opinion writing about their favorite season, which includes four reasons to support their opinion.

Math: Students are continuing to work on adding numbers within in the teen numbers. We will also be taking Math NWEA on Tuesday.

Social Studies: Students began to better understand Needs/Wants from Kindergarten. We will soon be moving onto understanding goods/services and consumers/producers.

Science: Students have began their until on Earth Science. We are now studying the sun and the importance it has for us on Earth.

Spelling: Our spelling blend for the week is “cl” words.

  1. clap
  2. club
  3. close
  4. clam
  5. clock
  6. under
  7. want
  8. well
  9. went
  10. yes


Reminders: Friday January 18 will be a half day and students are dismissed at 11:45.

Monday January 21 there is no school. Also, Tuesday January 22 is a half day with a 11:45 dismissal.

Week of December 10-14

Greetings families, hope everyone is staying warm! We can not believe that winter break is only 8 days away..time sure does fly when your having fun! We have many great things happening in the classroom this week.

Holiday Shop: Our class will be shopping on Friday the 14th. 

Math: Students completed the first 11 lessons in Module 2. Students worked very well on making groups of ten to add numbers with a sum of a teen number. We took our Mid-Module test on Tuesday and students did very well. We are now moving into subtracting from 9 or 8 with a sum of a teen number.

Social Studies: Students have been working on their family books. We have learned about new words such a traditions and diversity. Family books will be coming home next week.

Writing: Students are working on writing narrative stories. We have written a fiction story about a snowman in which students were able to publish on google docs for the first time. We are now moving onto a personal narrative in which students will write about themselves.

Reading: We are working on identifying elements of a narrative using the books Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers and Gingerbread Man Loose At The Zoo. We will then move onto comparing and contrasting the two stories.

Spelling words: all family

  1. ball
  2. call
  3. hall
  4. fall
  5. small
  6. say
  7. no
  8. pretty
  9. ride
  10. ran

Students should be reading every night for 15 minutes and practicing their spelling words.

Thank you to all the parents who have sent something in to help stuff our stockings. The students are really enjoying this. Have a great rest of the week.

Welcome back!!

Welcome back families. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break with friends and family. We are right back to work here in the classroom. Take a look below to see whats happening.

Math: Students are working on solving three digit number stories. Students are working on recognizing 10 and then adding. For example, 7+5+3+=. Students would need to circle the addends that make ten and then add the remaining number.

Science: Students are working on understanding how shadows are formed.

Social Studies: Students are continuing their writing about their families.

Writing: Students are researching and writing an informational piece all about penguins.

Spelling: Students are working on words ending with a “ch” blend.

  1. inch
  2. munch
  3. pinch
  4. lunch
  5. bench
  6. good
  7. four
  8. black
  9. eat
  10. came

Reminder: Students should be practicing their spelling words and reading for 15 minutes each night.

Have a great week and stay warm!!