Happy Finals Week

What’s Going On:

Bowling Good Luck at Skore lanes

Fundraiser for Class of 2018 Famous Hamburger January 29

Cups for Cure Class of 2020 at Yogurtopia Schafer Road January 26

Cups for Cure Joyful Heart Foundation at Yogurtopia Michigan Ave January 27

College Career Fair February 15 and 28

Got Poetry? Want to Slam it February 5th #Resistance! 

Google Classroom for fun games to support: 

1st Hour Code: okad8aj

3rd Hour Code: tddi8mz

4th Hour Code: nj5xbi

5th Hour Code: lkeyztc

6th Hour Code: ocqyxq

For Part I final Exam: 

Claim(If this then this, no I)–>Transition Sentence (background)–>Evidence #1—>Reasoning #1

Second Paragraph: Evidence #2–>Reasoning #2–>Conclusion

Good Luck!!

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