Candy Cane Grams

Candy Cane Grams:

  1. Each leader is expected to bring in a box of candy canes that will be distributed to each of their links.
  2. You may start bringing them in to me in my office with your name on the box in marker.
  3. You will need to make time to attach a message to each candy cane that I will have ready for you with some ribbon.  (I will post when the messages are ready)
  4. The Candy canes will be distributed using the following schedule:
    1. Dec 19: Groups 1-18
    2. Dec. 20: Groups 19-36
    3. Dec 21: Groups 37-51
  5. No candy canes will be distributed after Wednesday the 21st due to students taking exams before the holiday break.  Make arrangements in your schedules to have these candy canes distributed on the day you are assigned.
  6. If you have any questions, please ask!  🙂

If you missed the meeting on 11/21…

Topics that were discussed:

  1. Link Alerts:
    1. completing them on time and not waiting for the last day
    2. when waiting for the last day, there are too many classroom disruptions and teacher complaints
    3. next round of alerts, you must be wearing your shirt…you will not be allowed to complete alerts with your shirt on your arm or if you don’t have it
  2. Holiday Party : December 19 after school in the cafeteria
    1. Secret Santa (more details to come)
  3. Link Crew Hoodie: we are finalizing the design and prices.  Cost will be $25-$30.  More info to follow after the break
  4. Leaders to be recognized:
    1. Dalia Boussi and Fatima Olayan for making Halloween Grams for their links
    2. Alaa Jadallah for bringing donuts for all her links when she did her link alerts
  5. Upcoming events:
    1. December 7: SIP visit…we will need 15-20 volunteers to assist in the halls between 2nd and 3rd hours.  I will post this on Remind after the break.
    2. Tardy Party
    3. Infraction Party
    4. Candy Cane Grams before X-Mas break (each leader is responsible for bringing in a box of candy canes to pass out to their links)
  6. Link Crew donated $100 to the canned food drive and $100 to the Clothes Bank through Pay it Forward with Ms. Rida

*If you have any questions, see one of the coordinators: Ms. Moussa A120a, Mr. Proctor A209, or Ms. Curtis F204.

*Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break 🙂


Open house, first meeting-freshmen tailgate, picture day

Good morning,

*Just a reminder that Open House is tonight from 6-7:30.  We could use a few more Link leaders to assist in the hallways.  For those that sign up, please arrive 10 minutes early.  I will be in my office to give you your hallway assignment and be sure to wear your shirt.

*First meeting: September 19 in the cafeteria at 2:25. Attendance counts!

One of our agenda items will be to discuss the details of the freshmen tailgate.  The date has been set for October 6 right after school.

*Picture day is September 19.  We will need assistance in the auditorium all hours of the day.  Sign up sheet will be up in my office tomorrow morning.

Stop by if you have any questions.

Have a great week!

End of year celebration

Good morning,

For those of you not signed up for the Remind texts, I posted that we will be having an of the year celebration today in room A122.  We will provide pizza, cake, and ice cream.  If you want to bring any goodies, you are more than welcome to.  Let me know if you can make it so that I have a count for pizza.  We’d like to see you all there!

PBIS video actors

Link Leaders,

One of your fellow leaders, Ali Tarhini, will be shooting a video after school on Monday for PBIS and needs about 30 students to be actors/fill-ins.  If you’re willing to give up some of your time after school, please let me know and I will forward your names.  Text me through Remind.  Thank you 🙂

Link alerts

Good evening,

If you did not complete your link alerts, please find the time to do so tomorrow.  Many have not completed this assignment for the card marking and the freshmen have been asking to see many of you.

There will be a meeting coming up in May.  Look out for blog or remind posts.

Have a great night!