Mar 26

Government – 3/27/2020


  • Summarize the obligations that the Constitution places on the National Government with regard to the States
  • Examine the roles of the executive, legislature, and state in Federalism
  • Examine the many and growing areas of cooperative federalism.

II. Classwork – Due BEFORE Sunday (I will be putting in grades this weekend)

A. 4.2 Questions on iLearn

B. Federalism v. Coronavirus on Google Classroom

Mar 26

AP Macro – 3/27/2020


I.  Bellwork

25.1 on iLean Q&A

II.  Objectives:

  • Describe the role of banks in the economy
  • Identify the reasons for and types of banking regulation
  • Explain how banks create money

III.  Discussion – Module 25 PPT

IV.  Classwork

  • 25.3 T – accounts
  • 25.4 WS