Mar 19

Government – 3/20/2020

I.  Submit to Google Classroom: Create a Google doc – include Questions and Answers with Answers highlighted

Trump invokes Defense Production Act: What is it?

A. Explain what the Defense Production Act is?

B. Explain the three main section of the act.

C.  What is the President hoping to accomplish by invoking this act?

D.  Explain your reasoning whether or not you believe this act is necessary.

II.  ILearn Work

A.  Complete the questions from section 3.3 on iLearn.  It would help to read the text and review the Bill of Rights in order to answer the question correctly.  It will close Saturday @ 11:00 pm

III  Chapter 3 Quiz –

B.  On Monday 3/23/2020, you will have a Chapter 3 quiz on iLearn.  Review the 3.1 & 3.2 Quiz questions and the 3.3 questions to prepare. 

C.  The quiz will begin at 11:00 am, so set your phone alarm to ring prior to that time.  It will also be timed.  If you start after 11am you will have less time.  If you start after 11:30 am – forget about it.

If you forget about it, wake up late, or suddenly find your computer doesn’t work, that is your fault.

  1. Be a wake before 11am on 3/23
  2. Have a computer available and working
  3. Login to iLearn