Dec 03

Accounting – 12/04/19

I.  Bellwork On Google Classroom

II.  Objectives

  • Journalize and post the adjusting entries for supplies and prepaid insurance.
  • Explain the necessity and the steps in journalizing adjusting entries while completing a sequence map

III.  Discussion/Notebook Work

  • Adjusting entries and why they are necessary
  • Sequence Map

IV.  Classwork:

On MindTap

  • Working Together & On Your Own (p. 179).
  • Application Problem 6-4 (p. 184).
Dec 03

AP Economics – 12/04/19

I  Bellwork

  • Page 686 1 a-c

II.  Objectives

  • Analyze and interpret graphs for short run and the long run for firms operating in markets characterized as being an oligopoly or monopolistic competition.
  • Determine the quantity, prices, profits and firm responses in the short run and the long run
  • Explain the role and methods used to promote differentiation in monopolistic competition

III. Exam Review

  • MC Modules 64-68 – iLearn
  • Section 12 FRQ Review – iLearn

IV. Exam Friday

Dec 03

Economics – 12/04/19

I. Bellwork

  • Synthesizing Information R45 1-3 Q&A (At the end of the book)

II. Objectives

  • Explain the ways in which local, state, and federal governments generate revenue.
  • Given various scenarios distinguish between progressive, regressive, and proportional taxes

 III. Classwork


  1. Which principle of taxation does this tax involve? Explain
  2. Based upon the criteria for effective taxes (p. 232), do you believe the tax will be effective? Explain why.

B. Page 245 # 2, 3, 7 Q&A

IV. Chapter 9 Exam