Nov 24

Accounting – 11/25/19

I.   Bellwork

  • Page 157 1-2 Q&A

II.   Objectives:

  • Prepare the heading of a worksheet demonstrating proper format .
  • Create a sequence map demonstrating the six-step process for preparing a trial balance on a worksheet and utilize the procedures to prepare the trial balance section of a work sheet .
  • Discuss the importance of Consistent Reporting and Accounting Cycle/Fiscal Period

III.  Discussion/Notebook Work

  • Consistent Report –  meaning & importance
  • Fiscal Period – meaning & importance
  • Trial Balance Sequence Map p. 160

IV.   Classwork:

  • Working Together & On Your Own (p. 162).
  • Application Problem 6-1 (p. 183).
Nov 24

AP Economics – 11/25/19

I.  Bellwork (Open in a new tab)

II.  Objectives:

  • Discuss the legal constraints of antitrust policy
  • Explain how repeated interactions among oligopolists can result in collusion in the absence of any formal agreement
  • Explain the cause and effect of price wars, product differentiation, price leadership, and nonprice competition
  • Describe the importance of oligopoly in the real world

III.  Oligopolies in Practice Pages 658-666

A.  The History of Anti-Trust Laws

B.  Tacit Collusion and Price Wars

  1. Large Numbers
  2. Complex Products and Pricing Schemes
  3. Differences in Interests
  4. Bargaining Power of Buyers

C. Nonprice Competition and Price Leadership

  • product differentiation
  • advertising
  • branding

IV.  Classwork:  Page 665

A.  Check Your Understanding 1a-e

B.  On iLearn:  Module 66 Oligopoly in Practice

Nov 24

Economics – 11/25/19

I.  Bellwork:

A.  Tax holidays Link  – Questions & Answers

1) In what month do most states offer Sales Tax Holidays?

2) According to the lists, What 4 items are often most  included in the tax holidays?

II.  Objective:

§  Given various scenarios distinguish between progressive, regressive, and proportional taxes

§  Identify and classify taxes as progressive, regressive, and proportional according to the methods implemented to generate revenue.

§  Analyze and discuss the merits of various methods in which governments generate revenue on consumption, income and wealth.

III.  Discussion/Notes:

§  Types of Taxes – Copy Figure 9.2

IV.  Activities

 Activity 1: Progressive Taxes and You  Show what percentage of each person’s income would go towards tax in a progressive system by completing pie graphs.

Activity 1: Regressive Taxes and You   Show how a $2,000 tax affects the incomes of five citizens.

Activity 1: Proportional Taxes and You Find out how income is affected in a proportional tax system

V. Classwork

progressive regressive and proportional

VI.  Homework –  on iLearn
VII. Quiz Tomorrow