Sep 19

Comp Apps 9/20/07


  • Create hyperlinks to a Web page and to an e-mail address
  • Use document collaboration features to edit a document
  • Use Reading Layout view to read a document on the screen

 I.  Bellwork Pg 117   #12a, b, c, d Answers Only

II.  Classwork

A.  Pg 118 Review #20-26 Questions & Answers 

B.  Orientation Part 3 Pgs 106-107

C.  Orientation Part 4 Pg 108

Sep 19

Acctg 9/20/07

I.  Bellwork  Pg 21

A.  Critical Thinking 1-2 Complete Sentence Answers

II.  Turn In Review Sheets 

III.  Notebook Work   Pg 21

A.  Applied Communication   (Follow Instructions)   

IV.  Turn in Notebooks 

V.  Take Chapter 1 Test