November 29

November 30-December 4

November 30– LEARNING GOAL ” I Can identify properties and characteristics of triangles.” Today is an overview of type of triangles and their properties

1- Classifying Triangles (power point)

guided notes triangles

guided notes answer key

classifying triangles w ( class work/homework)

December 1-LEARNING GOAL:” I Can find missing angles of triangles using Triangle angle sum theorem and exterior angle theorem.”

Continue with power point and add the two theorem into our guided notes/ Discuss congruency and corresponding sides and angles

1- Classifying Triangles (power point 2)

note day 2,1 /note day 2,2 /note day2,3

homework worksheet

worksheet # 1 /worksheet #2

December 2– we will finish working on our three theorems that we discussed

Group investigation below:

Identify types of triangles through investigations

December 3- LEARNING GOAL ” I can use theorems, congruent corresponding sides and angles to prove that two triangles are congruent.”

We will be working on our day 3 notes which discusses congruency. Guided notes below

day 3 notes

Classwork/ Homework

4-1 homework

December 4- Quiz


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